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USPS Driver Goes Viral For His Epic TikTok Clap Back Against Awful ‘Karen’

Few things are as satisfying as watching someone clap back at a ‘Karen.’ And in a recent TikTok video that has gone viral, we get to see a USPS driver shutdown a pushy ‘Karen’ who demands he give her her mail as she slams on his window during his lunch break.

Many on social media applauded the man for keeping to his lunch break and not giving the ‘Karen’ the satisfaction of getting a reaction. A caption for the video sets the scene: “When she wants her mail but it’s your lunch break.”

Viral TikTok video shows USPS driver keeping his calm as a ‘Karen’ tries to harass him.

A TikToker who goes by @bowtiedev on the platform, uploaded the thoroughly satisfying Karen video on Friday and has already gone viral, racking up more than 3.4 million likes. In the video, we see Dev who works as a driver for the U.S. Postal Service, sitting casually in his vehicle.

We then see a woman approach Dev, while he’s chilling on his lunch break. She has all the classic qualifications for ‘Karen’ status, complete with sunglasses and a permanently angry look. She knocks several times, before throwing her hands up in frustration and walking away. Dev never looks in her direction and simply continues to enjoy his drink and mouth along to the music.

A second upload replaces the music with original sound that lets us hear just how much of a ‘Karen’, ‘Karen’ really is.

In the second version of the video, we get to here the original sound which includes the screaming and yelling of the so-called ‘Karen.’ She can be heard shouting “hello” through the window, despite the fact that Dev is clearly not working at the moment. After several “hellos” go unanswered, the woman asks: “Can I get my mail? You’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes.”

When Dev continues to ignore her very existence, Karen slams her fist against the window several more times before muttering a classic Karen phrase as she walks away: “I’m calling your supervisor.”

Reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

Anyone and everyone deserves a lunch break of at least 30 minutes, and those on social media clearly were taking Dev’s side, with pretty much everyone applauding Dev for refusing to work during his break.

In fact, many people encouraged Dev to make her wait longer. “I would sit an extra minute and then drive away/deliver later if I could,” one commenter wrote. “You deserve every minute of that break. Get far from that person. Stay safe!”

Dev’s ability to keep calm and carry on also served as inspiration for a number of people, both on TikTok and Reddit, where the video eventually spread. People shared their desire to “be this unbothered” in their daily existence.

“I aspire to be this chill,” Reddit user TanisSnow wrote.

What makes this Karen video so unique, is that it seems to have an actual happy ending. The very next day after Dev uploaded the original video, he followed up up with a new video to his TikTok. He uploaded a video showing the two embracing outside of a white picket fence. A caption for the video notes that “a day later she respected his lunch and got her mail.”

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