Undocumented Employees Are Being Fired From Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort After Hiring Practices Were Exposed

In 2016, Donald Trump — before he became president — said during a debate that it was challenging to hire American citizens at his hotels. He brushed off the criticism by his opponents that he only hires foreigners by saying that all hotels do it. “There’s nothing wrong with it. We have no choice,” he said. Even after his successful election — despite his hard tactics on undocumented immigrants — some of his employees found it ironic that this president who vows to “build the wall” knowingly has undocumented people working for him.

Then something extraordinary happened. Late last year, these undocumented Trump employees risked it all to tell their story. They wanted to say to the world that not only did they serve Trump hotel guests, but worked for the president himself at his various golf courses in New Jersey and Florida.

A couple of months after employees exposed Trump’s hiring practice, Trump Inc. began firing undocumented workers, and now they’re doing a full sweep.

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A new report shows that a considerable crackdown is underway at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s golf course and hotel to eliminate their entire undocumented staff.

The New York Times is that Trump’s Florida resort is firing anyone who can’t show documentation. While it looks like the hotel and resort employers have been firing people little by little since the start of 2019, it seems as if they now have a firm deadline to be rid of all of them reasonably soon.

Greg Schell, a lawyer that represents immigrant workers, told The New York Times, that one of the strategic things that are done by Trump Inc., is to use outside staffing agencies that hire undocumented people because if anyone gets in trouble, it will be those agencies, not Trump or his family.

“The whole concept is to have someone else bear the responsibility,” he told The NY Times.

Another reason why they’re pushing harder to fire all undocumented people is that the federal police is seeing that Mar-a-Lago is not a secure location, which is not ideal for the president to be staying. We know authorities are checking for identification from everyone.

Late last month, a Chinese woman was arrested due to a security breach that included fraudulent paperwork and malware.

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When Trump was asked about the security breach at his Mar-a-Lago estate, he said that he was “not concerned.”

As for who will do the hard work like cleaning, painting, and yard work that the undocumented employees do at the hotel and golf course, that is up in the air.

Trump has made expelling undocumented people and making legal immigration harder the cornerstones of his administration. Since the story broke of Trump’s own use of undocumented workers, the employers are Trump’s properties have been firing all undocumented employees. As for whether or not Trump ordered the firing to save face has yet to be proven.

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