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Trump Can’t Help Himself Around Argentina’s First Lady At Group Photo For The G20 Summit

Donald Trump has a long history of awkward encounters with women. And by the accounts of 24 women, he’s also an alleged sexual predator. So few were surprised when news broke from the G20 Summit in Japan, that Donald Trump was in the headlines for being a bit too flirty with the First Lady of Argentina.

So apparently, President Trump was caught ignoring world leaders to have a flirty moment with the First Lady of Argentina.

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Trump and other world leaders are in Osaka for the annual G20 summit. As they tend to do at these events, world leaders streamed into the Osaka castle for the second group photo of the day.

Trump made his usual rounds, shaking hands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and patting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the back.

But it was his interactions with Argentine First Lady Juliana Awada, who was standing behind him and grinning for photographers while wearing a long black gown, that caught everyone’s attention.

Apparently, during the exchange, Trump turned behind repeatedly to make conversation during the photo event in between greetings with world leaders – at one point cupping his hand over his mouth to make a comment to the Argentine first lady. He also spoke to President Macri from time to time. 

Many on Twitter pointed out it was like watching “Beauty and the Beast.”

Except “Beauty and the Beast” was a Disney love story with singing and dancing tea pots.

While other’s on Twitter tried to figure out what he was saying to her…

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Seriously, if you have the time, go to their Twitter feed and check out some of the responses. People are savage!

Some used Trump’s own words against him and how can you not?

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He’s been accused of sexual assault by 24 women. He was caught on tape boasting about sexually assaulting women. How can we not take the man at his own word?

While other’s kept it super simple.

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And let’s be honest, it’s obvious Trump doesn’t have much more game than this.

And apparently, it wasn’t Trump’s first creepy run with the First Lady.

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Because, of course not. That would be too normal for the president.

Perhaps there’s some truth to the rumors because Trump actually left Argentina’s president in an awkward moment alone on stage.

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Now, why would this matter? We’re not one to speculate or to be a chismosa but we’re going to leave this little piece of information right here.

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