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Father Caught His Son Doing Makeup Tutorials On TikTok But His Reaction Is The One Every Little Queer Kid Wishes For

So many young queer and LGBTQ people grow up trying to hide a part of themselves from their family. It’s a sort of survival mode that many feel they have to pursue in order to stay safe or to continue feeling loved and accepted. And in our community, which still suffers greatly from machismo and toxic masculinity, growing up as an effeminate boy carries with it its own set of fears.

That’s why a recent TikTok video shared by has gone viral. In it we get to see pure love and acceptance from a father to his son, that has many wishing all dads – Latino or not – were as open and loving as this one.

TikToker shared a video of a male makeup artists trying to hide his work from his father.

In the 1:39 long video, we first see a makeup artist hard at work filming his tutorial. But then we hear someone speaking in the background and the boy’s demeanor changes abruptly. He turns off his filming lights and then even his bedroom lights to try and hide his face from his father, who is now on his way up to the son’s room.

Of course, when papi enters the room it’s totally dark and he asks his son why there’s no luz. The son laughs nervously and then turns on the lights to reveal his face, complete with false eyelashes and all. But this is when things get super emotional.

His father’s reaction is literally the best possible one a queer child could hope for.

Credit: / TikTok

“Whatever you want to do, you’ll be ok. I’ll be ok with you,” his father tells him in Spanish. That’s when you can see both of them get emotional and the two embrace and his father says, wait for it, “I’m with you.” Then he throws in several “I love you’s” and I can’t go on.

It’s impossible not to be crying along with them at this point.

The father ends his supportive message to his son by telling him if this is what makes him happy, then “Do it. And do it good! I’m always with you.” 😭

The comments section was also full of loving and supportive messages for this beautiful father-son duo.

Many expressed concern at the beginning of the video, worrying the boy was about to get smacked by his father coming up the stairs. Only to then express relief and gratitude when it was revealed the level of respect the father has for his son.

“That’s a role model for a father. We need more fathers like this in the world,” wrote one TikToker.

Others shared their own experiences. One wrote: “I’m in actual tears right now…because I know that I’ll never have this. The unconditional love.”

Another shared, “Literally broke down in tears cuz I’ve never had the support and love from a father. He is one lucky guy to have such a supportive, loving and caring [father].”

And all them are right. Although things are changing, homophobia and machismo remains pervasive and all too often children are ostracized (or worse) for being different. It’s so encouraging to see relationships like this one because it gives up to those who need it most.

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