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Another Anti-Gay Church Leader Caught Paying For Sex Through Grindr But This Time He Tried Paying With An Arby’s Card

We love Five Guys, In N’ Out, McDonald’s (if there’s nothing else available), and pretty much anything from Starbucks. We love these places so much we’d do anything to score free stuff from them. BUT, we’d never do that. Oh, hell, no! We have some dignity. At least some of us do, anyway. 

A professor, and elder at a Missouri church, was charged by police for soliciting an 18-year-old boy and propositioning him for sex. But he didn’t offer to pay him in cash but rather an Arby’s gift card and gas money.

Oh, dear lord! This story does sound like an episode of To Catch a Predator. If you’re not familiar with that old show on NBC, it’s basically this: a creepy ass white man (typically) tries to pick up a young kid for sex and has no idea the whole thing is a setup. He is being filmed by cops, and right when the culprit enters the house, ready to get laid, bam! Cops arrest him. 

That’s pretty much what happened with 57-year-old Barry Poyner, a communications professor at Truman State University in Missouri. Poyner was on the online hookup website Grinder that is reserved for gay men. He was attempting to hook up with an 18-year-old student that goes to the school he works at. 

Well, you may be thinking about what is wrong with a college professor dating an 18-year-old. It’s two consenting adults, and some schools don’t care if a teacher dates a student as long as they are both of age. That rule doesn’t apply to all schools. And what makes this matter even grosser is that he was trying to solicit sex for an exchange of goods — now, that is where he went wrong.

Police got wind that the teacher was trying to hit up other male students and seeking sex. In exchange, he was offering an Arby’s gift card and gas money. Now, soliciting sex is illegal. But providing an Arby’s gift card? That’s just insulting?

As we noted before, we love fast food to the next person, but Arby’s really? Arby’s is not my jam and probably not the jam of a lot of the male students at this university who were on Grindr. 

But back to the story. So police set up a fake profile on an 18-year-old and the name “DILF”. Click here if you don’t know what that means because we don’t have the heart to tell you. Once Poyner saw that name, he hit him up fast, and the dude, we mean, older man, was caught with his pants down. Well, almost. 

According to the Columbia Tribune, when police found him at a gas station, where he was waiting for the teenage college student, Poyner told officers that he “was not doing anything with a minor.” The officer then said something to the likes of him wanting sex from the Grindr app, Poyner said he “was not going to do that” and was only going to “him some gas.” Oh, is that what they’re calling it these days. 

His employer has banned him from the school, but they didn’t say whether or not he would be investigated or fired. 

According to KYOU TV, the university said in a statement: “The university is aware of the situation regarding Barry Poyner. He has been placed on suspension and informed that he is not allowed on campus, cannot have any contact with student organizations or participate in any campus events or activities.”

But this story gets even worse, or shall we say humiliating. 

Poyner, as we said, was an elder at a Christian church in Missouri who feels the need to go on and on about how homosexuality is wrong. 

Oh, the hypocrisy. Poyner’s name is no longer on the Kirksville Church of Christ website. But the good news is that Poyner can now live as a free gay man, right? He just needs a new job, maybe a new place to live, and a new Grindr profile. And here’s a tip to Poyner, in case he is reading: if something looks too good to be true online, run the other way. 

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