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This Mexican Beer — Made By Women Sommeliers and Cerveza Experts — Wants To Be The Best in the World

With July in full swing, Summer is officially here. That means long, hot days and breezy nights spent out with friends and family. No matter if it’s an impromptu BBQ or just a nice evening at home, there’s nothing like an ice-cold beer to combat this hot climate.

If the beer happens to also be a delicious brew crafted by Latinas, we can only consider that an added bonus.

Adela, a new beer that has just joined the market, is made by women with a passion for making cerveza.

Instagram / @adelitascerveceramx

The Adelitas Cerveceras is a brewing company created by sommeliers, beer experts, and women who are just genuinely enthusiastic about cerveza. Their Adela is an American Pale Ale brewed for Adelitas at the Cervecaría Hercules — a locale brewery in Queretaro, Mexico. The beer’s addition of chocolate habanero peppers gives it a uniquely spicy and smoky flavor. 

Everything from crafting and testing to harvesting and distribution is run by the women members of this beer co-op. The organization was founded by Alexia Sandoval, who acts as director for Adelitas Cerveceras. Antonieta Carrión is the CEO and head brewer of Adelitas. Along with her group of crafters, sommeliers, and active members, Carrión developed Adela’s one of a kind taste. 

The formula has undergone numerous weeks of tweaking and testing — mainly with the amounts of chocolate habanero added to the brew. Despite the difficult journey to find their signature flavor, working towards a common goal with so many like-minded artisans proved to be an incredible experience for the women of Adelitas. As of now, the beer is only available locally but who knows what the future holds for this enterprising cerveceras.

During an official tasting of the beer, Jessica MI, the coordinator of Adelitas, spoke with De10.MX about the amount of dedication put into the crafting of this new brew saying “It involved a great challenge. We worked for several weeks, doing several tests until we got the result we wanted. It is not easy to find the right balance between the ingredients and the habanero pepper.”

The result is a creamy and fruity medium-bodied brew.  Instagram / @adelitascervecezamx

The beer’s aroma has subtle fruity notes reminiscent of pineapple, passion fruit, and citrus. It has a well-balanced taste — between sour and sweet — with the smoky presence of the chocolate habanero peppers.

The habanero peppers that Adelitas use are called “Congo Negro.” They’re grown and harvested in Yucatán and Michoacán and are a staple of the cuisine found in the peninsula. As such, it pairs nicely with food from this area, especially with meat and fish dishes. At between 300,000 and 425,000 on the Scoville Heat Scale, the chocolate habanero is hotter than the regular habanero. The capsaicin from the peppers gives it a spicy aftertaste that is all-together pallet cleansing.

Adelitas is a part of the Cerveceras con Temple — a group of 52 Latina brewers.

Instagram / @adelitacervecerazamx

The group’s goal is to show the often male-dominated world of craft brewing that beer has no gender. Consisting of four cerveceras total, the group shares knowledge and experimentation with each other to enhance their brewing experiences. On July 22, they will join together in Ecuador for the First International Meeting of Women Brewers in Latin America. Adelitas’ MI spoke with ANIMAL GOURMET about the group’s common goals.

“We want to continue promoting the growth and professionalization of the beer industry in the country. Inspire the girls who want to enter the world of beer so that they do not give up because it’s ‘ for men.'”

Though the cerveza is new to the market, Adela already has a large achievement under its belt.

Instagram / @adelitascerveceramx

The beer company has been invited to Ecuador for the Copa Cervecera Mitad del Mundo, an Ibero-American competition that invites the best of the best to compete for top brew. This year’s competition is being held from July 23 through the 27th of this year. The three-day event will see artisan and independent beers from across Latin America and Spain tested against each other in overall and individual categories.

Hosted by the Association of Breweries of Ecuador, the citizens and visitors of Ecuador will get an added bonus after the competition. Between the 26th and 28th of July, winning beers will be served in bars around Quito in a 3-day beer festival. Hopefully, Adelas’ unique taste will find itself among the winners of this prestigious event. We look forward to seeing how this women-led enterprise impacts the brewing industry.

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