This Nurse From Las Vegas Was On A Plane On Her Way To ‘The Ellen Show’ On The Same Night That The Mass Shooting Took Place


“It sucks that it takes something like this for people to have the courage to go do something good for other people.”

Two weeks ago, Ellen DeGeneres took a trip to Las Vegas and stopped by a casino to surprise whoever was playing on the official “Ellen” slot machine. Ellen ran into Zully Hernandez, a Las Vegas resident, who was trying her luck on the slot machine.

After meeting Hernandez and falling in love with her personality, Ellen invited Hernandez to be an audience member at a taping of her show in California. After she arrived to California this past Sunday, Hernandez was awoken by a phone call from a friend that night. “They’re calling nurses to come in. There’s a code triage,” learned Hernandez as she was informed about the mass shooting that had taken place in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Hernandez wouldn’t be able to help that night.

During the taping of her show, Ellen invited Hernandez onto the stage and asked her how people can help those who have been affected by the attack in Las Vegas. Hernandez said, “We need blood desperately.” Hernandez added, “It sucks that it takes something like this for people to have the courage to go do something good for other people.” She says she wishes people could help each other like this every day.

After Ellen asked about Hernandez’s family, she explained to Ellen that her son is attending college in Florida, while her husband is working a construction job in northern California. She said that other members of her family are living in Puerto Rico, including a cousin in Puerto Rico who hasn’t been able to receive the money they have sent to them. In response, Ellen reassured Hernandez, “We’ll make sure we know who your cousin is because Ricky Martin is there now and we sent someone with him and we’re taking care of a lot of things right now.”

Ellen then surprised her with two familiar faces: her son and her husband. Hernandez broke down in tears of joy as they made their way onto the stage and thanked Ellen for the huge and heartwarming surprise. Despite all of the horrific things that have occurred across the world in such a short period of time, Ellen reminds us that there is lots of good in this world.

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