East Coast Latinos Are Handling The Snow Storm Like Champs

For the past few days, the East Coast has been enduring its first snowstorm of 2018.

Weather forecasters are calling it #BombCyclone (or Winter Storm Grayson or Bombo-genesis. Yeah, it has a lot of names). It’s spread throughout the Eastern Seaboard, especially hitting Massachusetts, New York, and the surrounding areas. The snowstorm is so big, it covers almost half the country. While the Bomb Cyclone has passed in some ares, many states are still in its eye.

Countless flights have been canceled in several states, and reports indicate flooding, closed roads, and power outages.

The good news is that it’s supposed to be somewhat warmer next week. I know people out on the West Coast are laughing at us, but at least we know how to brave the cold temperatures.

Here’s how Latinos handled the bitter temps like true champs!

Officially Ugg season!

If you don’t have to proper shoe wear, don’t bother leaving your house.

And this person who documented their journey “to buy tacos in a snowstorm! #Priorities”


Unfortunately, the taco place was closed! “It’s a sad ending to my taco story.”

Things got really bad in Boston.

Cristela Guerra, a reporter for the Boston Globe, captured incredible images and video of the snowstorm in Boston. They saw major flooding and wind gusts of more than 70 mph. Some areas had as much as 18 inches of snow.

Even out in North Carolina, people opted to stay indoors.


While Coastal towns saw dramatically more snow than the inland areas, which caused power outages and road closures. People in the inland areas were advised to not drive because of the bad weather conditions.

Even so, for many it wasn’t too cold for tacos.


In D.C. this taco restaurant was open and serving up the goods.

A snowstorm is the perfect time for binge-watching and cuddling.


That little puppy looks perfectly peaceful and isn’t interested in going outside.

Bundling up in Connecticut.

Her nails are still on point though!

A little cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t take in high culture.


We should say this picture was taken just a day before the storm hit, but that outfit is perfect to bear cold temps.

Winter weather style never looked this good.

This fashion blogger knows how to go out in the cold.

A Philly fam made time to enjoy the pretty snow.

That snow is perfect for making snow angels too!

One thing is sure, Latinos will make it to work regardless of how cold it is.

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