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This Guy Is Walking Into Walmart To Give People Hugs And Then Sharing With Them A Terrifying Message

We all have so much to worry about these days. From making sure we’re following all of las medidas when we step outside like wearing a mask and washing our hands to making sure we get out the vote come November, we have a lot on our plates. So the last thing we need is some jerk coming up to us telling us that we have Coronavirus.

But that’s exactly what’s happening in a Massachusetts’ Walmart, where a man is giving strangers unsolicited hugs and then giving them the potentially deadly news.

A Massachusetts’s man is giving potentially deadly hugs to strangers at a Walmart and police are on the lookout.

Police in Springfield, Massachusetts are searching for a man who they say approached multiple strangers at a Walmart and gave them ‘Covid Hugs’ before walking away laughing.

According to security video, the man enters Walmart and begins randomly approaching numerous strangers and hugging them. “This suspect took an item out of a victim’s hands and then gave him a hug,” the Springfield Police Department said in a post shared on social media. “He told the victim ‘just giving you a COVID hug. You now have COVID.’”

According to, the suspect is now being sought for assault and battery and making terroristic threats. However, even if the man has not tested positive for COVID-19, saying that he has it and approaching people in a menacing way could constitute a threat under Massachusetts state law.

Massachusetts state law says that anyone who communicates a threat either directly or indirectly, orally, in writing “or by other means” can be charged with making terroristic threats.

Many of the victims have been left in shock – including a cancer survivor who is at increase risk for Covid complications.

Credit: Springfield Police Department / Facebook

In the security footage, the man can be seen giving random hugs to several shoppers – including one man who is a cancer survivor. Despite the man’s laughter afterwards, this type of behavior is totally disgusting.

Coronavirus is spread from close contact between people so he could be posing a very serious threat to all those who he ‘hugged.’

The incident comes as the U.S. reaches another grave milestone amid the pandemic.

In the U.S., the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is approaching six million and more than 177,000 people have died from the virus. Although the number of confirmed cases has been trending downwards since mid-August, the U.S. is still in a perilous state in the fight against the virus.

Washington – especially the Trump administration – has completely failed to provide any sort of national leadership and so many states are struggling to contain their outbreaks. As some states are trending down, there is growing fear that outbreaks from other states may spread to theres, especially as schools reopen and students return to campuses.

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