This Advocate For Undocumented Immigrants Stood Up To ICE Agents And Won

Since the election of President Donald Trump, there’s been an obvious surge in detainments by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). One element that the public has seen through countless cell phone videos of ICE making arrests is that the agents detain people without hardly any pushback. When people have tried to resist, it hasn’t ended well.

There was one video that showed a woman telling ICE agents they couldn’t enter without a warrant. ICE agents persisted. In order to help people be aware of their rights, immigration organizations host training sessions to teach exactly what they should in case ICE tries to detain anyone illegally.

A 30-year-old immigration advocate was pulled over by ICE because they wanted to detain two undocumented immigrant passengers that were in his car.

Facebook/Columbia County Sanctuary Movement

The video, which has gone viral, shows Bryan MacCormack, who is the executive director at Columbia County Sanctuary Movement in upstate New York, leaving the courthouse with two people.

MacCormack was serving as an advocate and escort for the two undocumented immigrants who left the courthouse after an appointment. As soon as they left the courthouse, ICE pulled them over. Before the agent got to the car, MacCormack asked a passenger to record because he was prepared that something like this might happen.

An ICE agent told MacCormack that they had an arrest warrant for his passengers, but he didn’t open the door.

MacCormack tells them that the document they are handing him isn’t a warrant.

Facebook/Columbia County Sanctuary Movement

“Yes they are, sir, warrant of arrest of alien,” the ICE agent can be heard saying in the video. And this is where it gets really good.

MacCormack told the agent that he knows what a warrant should look like and that it must have a judge signature, which the document did not.

“Yeah, warrant of arrest of…alien, not signed by a judge. It’s not a judicial warrant. I have no obligation to oblige by that warrant,” MacCormack told him.

The ICE agent was clearly shocked that this man knows so much about his constitutional rights.


MacCormack later said, according to NBC News, that ICE tried to intimidate him by speaking about legal codes. In the video, MacCormack told the agent that he is studying to be a Department of Justice accredited representative. MacCormack then said to him that he was going to call his lawyer. He stayed put and didn’t allow the agents to take the passengers.

People on social media gave him so much praise for standing up to the ICE agents and knowing his rights.


“This really isn’t about me,” MacCormack said told NBC News. “It’s about what happens when people, in general, know their rights.” He added that he was “nervous and felt fear for the safety of myself and the community members inside of my vehicle. But I was also inherently indignant at ICE’s tactics and their relentless pursuit and practice of detention, deportation and family separation.”

Watch the entire exchange below.

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