Mexican-American Pre-Teen Knew How To Handle These Anti-Immigrant Trolls Taking Over At City Council Meetings


Credit: RETEN / Facebook

“Estas personas son maleducadas, y están peleando con un niño de doce años.”

The boy in the video above stood his ground when a grown man tried to verbally shout over him about his disdain for illegal immigration.

The 12-year-old activist from the video, Joseph Moreno, addressed the people in attendance at a city council meeting held in Huntington Park last Tuesday, where one notorious pro-Trump troll had to be escorted out by police. Afterward, another Trump supporter felt the need to shout at the attendees of the council meeting, while wearing a Trump flag and shouting anti-immigrant ideologies.

At one point, he yelled “American! American!” at the boy, who said, “Yes, I was born here, but my family is from Mexico.” The man continued to shout, “Do you even vote over there?” The boy had to remind the screaming man “I’d vote right now, but I can’t because I’m 12!”

The man claimed his mother “wasn’t upset” when President Trump said Mexico was sending their worst at the start of his presidential campaign. When Moreno quoted Trump’s hateful speech about Mexican’s being “rapists and drug dealers,” the unnamed man shouted back at him: “Are you a drug dealer and a rapist?” Moreno tried to get in a word, saying “I’m not…” before being interrupted by the adult man, who was recording him and pointing aggressively at him while shouting, “Then why are you putting that jacket on?”

This angle captured by someone else shows the man shouting “American! American!”


Credit: Veronica Tomas / Facebook

The video also captures a woman on the side both praising the boy for being smart and not understanding really at all what he stands for, saying, “He’ll make a fine conservative Republican some day.” I guess she and I were watching two separate videos because this boy was clearly not on her side.

This story was brought to the attention of mitú by someone in attendance at the meeting who said, “These Trump supporters are showing up to our council meetings and harassing us (Latino community) including this little boy, Joseph Moreno.”

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