Who Needs Two Cars To Get Somewhere? Not Latinos.

Latinos are famous for a multitude of things: our fabulous taste in fashion, our flare for the dramatic, our propensity for delicious food for ALL occasions…but we’re also famous for something people might not know: fitting anything and everything into a car and bringing the most fun with it.

We’re always bringing things with us because you “never know!” when you might need that extra change of clothes, chanclas to give your feet that comfort during the commute…even leftovers for when you get hungry on the freeway. The list is truly endless. Sidenote: did you know your backseat can double as an excellent space for your wardrobe change, during the day? Who knew!

You might even see a few things on this list that make you shake your head and go, “YUP. That’s definitely me and my family.” Because all of these things have definitely been in my Honda Fit more than once…let’s be real.

1. An entire dinner spread.


Food is life. REPEAT: FOOD. IS. LIFE. So when we’re about to have a meltdown on our commute because we can’t wait to get home and relax, we can bust out our mini taqueria. Eat some carne asada and truly live our life in the best way possible.

2. The piñata for your little cousin’s birthday party.

We all know it isn’t a party if there isn’t a piñata. So, when someone needs you to pick up that awkwardly shaped piñata you can easily fit it into the back of the Honda Fit, with all that extra cargo room. Plus, there’s even room for the candy because you can’t have a piñata without the candy.

3. Your tía’s cardboard cutout of her favorite Ranchera singer.

With all the spacious room in the Fit, it won’t bend or break. You’ll deliver it in one piece, as if it was really the singer sitting in the backseat. It’s also the perfect company for a commute since it won’t talk your ear off. Just make sure you return it to your tía or she will have a meltdown. Even though we know it’ll end up in the garage.

4. Lots of large cakes from your local panaderia.

You know how you’re always eyeing the multi-tiered cake at the panaderia but you’re like, “where in the world am I going to fit that?” In the back seat of your Honda Fit, obviously. Plus, with these fold-down seats, you won’t risk smushing anything (I hate smeared frosting). The commute will fly by because you’ll be so excited for your family’s reaction when you show up with three giant cakes. You’ll be the favorite for at least a few months!

5. Every single outfit you own for Sunday familia dinner.


Since you know your entire family always judges your appearance during family dinners, you’ve got to have options. Which is why it’s important to pretty much have your entire closet on hand, at all times. No need to drive all the way home and stressfully get dressed, worrying if abuela is going to glare at the length of your skirt…which, okay, you know she will anyway. Some things you can never escape.

6. Your mom, papi, and your two primas.


There’s nothing worse than having to take two separate cars on a commute but the Honda Fit can fit five people, which is perfect! Your two primas can debate in the backseat on who is their favorite singer, while your mom and papi can see how great of a driver you are. It’s a win-win situation.

The Honda Fit can fit so many things, you’ll want to hang out in your car more than out of it. Your commute will truly never be boring again.

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