Here Are Some Holiday Foods That Will Definitely Take You Back To Your Childhood

Oh the Holidays are so close and we can not be more excited about it. We are already surrendering to the idea of gaining some extra pounds and having to wear all those loose outfits because, it is so ridiculously worth it.

Yes yes, the dinner itself should be reason enough to be excited but if you are Latino you know that the real treat comes while you wait for dinner to be served and the botanas start rolling.

So for all of you who understand the true value of holiday snacks, here are our favorite ones, the ones that have the power to transport you to the happiest days of your childhood:

1. Esquites

In this new world, we are used to having esquites every day of the year but make no mistake, esquites are a holiday snack, this is why you love them so much and why no posada is a true posada unless there is a boiling pot with corn, the biggest mayonnaise jar and chile piquín next to it.

2. Ponche

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of ponche boiling on the stove. That fresh smell of cinnamon, apples, orange, sugar cane and any other fruits your abuela adds to it. So whether you like it straight or with fruit or you’re extra and use a strainer, we can all agree that there is nothing in the world that can make you as happy as a warm cup of ponche.


3. Churros Rellenos

A churro by itself is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, but add the extra step of filling it with chocolate, jam or dulce de leche and you are talking of immense happiness that can’t be stopped. Want to make the world a better place? Introduce your friends to the magic of filling a churro and see a happiness effect unfold right in front of your eyes.

4. Tamales

Almost every Latin American country has their own special version of tamales for the holidays but most of the countries agree on the mini version that is meant to keep the dozens of hungry family members from raiding the kitchen while dinner is ready. So whether it’s a pastelito, a bollito or a tamalito navideño, be ready to binge on this mini pieces of heaven and remember the days when this was all you ate for Christmas dinner.

5. Buñuelos

Those fried round pieces of heaven may be the reason you gain a couple of extra pounds over the holidays but make no mistake, they are worth it. We all know that everything that involves deep fried batter is the key to happiness but when you add melted chocolate on it, you have the key eternal joy.


6. Empanaditas

The magic of empanadas is that you can stuff them with a very wide variety of ingredients and still knock everyone’s socks off. Whether your family loves to deep fried them or maybe they prefer them baked, an empanada always tastes like home. There are many that say that there is no bad empanada. There are amazing empanadas, and ok empanades but never a bad one and we think they are absolutely right.


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