15 Latino Recipes That Are Keto Friendly

Because of the emphasis on corn, rice, potatoes, and other carb-rich foods, many people think that Latino cuisine is not an option for the ketogenic diet. But that is far from the case. In fact, there are many traditional Latino meals that are low carb and high on protein and fat that not only fit right into even the most rigorous keto diet plan but actually taste better than those bland and boring recipes in most ketogenic diet programs. So let’s do a break down of our favorite Latino-keto compatible dishes as well as some tips to getting the best out of a keto diet regime while keeping the sazón at the same time!

Ceviche All Day

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Ceviche is not only delicious, it’s also high in fat and protein, and low-carb, making it perfect for the keto diet. Go straight Peruvian style or try adding avocado (Mexican style) for even more healthy fats and ketosis stimulating action.

Soup Your Way To Keto


Soups are one of the best ways to cook meats and veggies together and skip the rice, breads and other carbs that usually get served on the dinner plate. Check out this recipe for a slow cooked taco soup that is keto friendly and will make your taste buds dance.

Ditch The Flour Tortillas For…

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Those soft buttery flour tortillas we like to wrap everything in are going to have to take a hike when you go keto. Sorry, but true. Corn tortillas are a bit better on the glycemic levels, but you still need to take it easy.

Cheese Taco Shells Instead


We know, sounds weird and abuelita would definitely not approve, but using tacos shells made out of cheese instead of corn lets you dramatically cut the carbs and up the fat. Besides, if you do it right and toast the shells a bit, they actually come out pretty delicious!

Guacamole On Everything

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Need we say more? You already put it on everything from the morning eggs to those grilled fajitas, so just keep it up. Avocados are one of the foods with the most amount of ketosis on the planet, so adding guacamole to your dishes is a good way to up the dish’s keto potency.

Up The Bar On Salads


While many salads are just too light on protein and fats to be considered real keto superstars, you can change that by upping their keto potential at home. From avocado and tomato salads to Mexican style kale and jalapeño salad, the trick is in both the ingredients and in the dressing – keep it rich and full of healthy fats.

Cut The Sweets

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Yup, we had to go there. Sugar is the number one substance that will kick your body out of ketosis mode and back into fat storing mode. So, when it comes to everything from chocolate, abuelita style, to those amazing pasteles at the bakery, you are just going to have to say no for a while.

Go Nuts, Brazilian Style 

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With their all fat and protein makeup, nuts are one of your most powerful allies on the keto diet. Those finger-sized Brazil nuts from South America are actually one of the lowest carb nuts in the world, along with pecans and macadamias. So stock up on some and carry them with you to satisfy the munchies when out and about.

Chocolate: Go Dark Or Go Home

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Yes, you can eat chocolate on the keto diet, every day if you want – but it must be dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa solids. The milk and sugar added to lighter chocolates will throw the diet off, but the healthy fats in dark chocolate actually help you maintain ketosis.

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Squash Burrito Bowls


Missing wrapping up all your favorite ingredients into a giant burrito because the keto diet is against it? Then check out this simple solution: put all your goodies – and don’t forget the cheese and avocado – into the edible container of a squash instead. Check out this spaghetti squash burrito bowl recipe for an example.

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Lettuce Talk Tacos


We know, sounds boring, but the truth is you can make them as exciting as you want. Just swap out the corn tacos for lettuce and then you can fill them up with all your regular favorite tacos meats and fixings. Here is an easy how-to for chorizo filled lettuce tacos to get you on the right track.

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Get Your Churrasco On


One of the best things about the keto diet is that it’s a great opportunity to up your grilling skills. Do it like a pro and even whip up a fat burning chimichurri sauce that will give your churrasco not just authentic Argentine flavor but even more metabolism-enhancing power.

Introduce Bacon To Your Meals


Bacon is not really that popular in most Latin American countries. On the keto diet, however, it’s an energy boosting treat. Start experimenting with bacon by adding it to your favorite meals, such as bacon guacamole fat bombs

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Check In With Your Doctor

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While the keto diet has been linked to a very large range of health benefits, there are also some risks for some people, especially in terms of the fat intake and heart health. Everyone should check with their doctor before starting a long-term keto diet just to make sure you are not putting your health at risk.

Put Mole On It 


Nutty, fatty and sometimes even chocolatey, Mexican moles are a powerful and delicious way to up the ketosis inducing power of any protein dish you serve. Here is a yummy mole coloradito recipe to get you rolling down ketosis lane like a superstar.

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