These 17 Underground Taco Recipes Will Get You Hooked (Because They’re Damn-licious)

Tacos have not just gone mainstream. They have also gone underground. While Mexico’s favorite light meal has taken the world by storm, chefs and foodies have gotten creative with new recipes and fusion flavors that many people still haven’t tried. Ready for a sample? Then check out our list of the 17 most interesting underground taco recipes out there!

Sushi Tacos

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It’s love at first bite when Japanese culinary artistry combines with fresh Mexican ingredients to create sushi tacos. From salmon and tuna to more adventurous fillings like tako (octopus), sushi tacos can rock all the traditional sushi styles and much much more, the only limit is your imagination.

Pork Belly Tacos

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One of the best creations to come out of the Korean-Mexican kitchen, pork belly tacos are deeply satisfying and full of flavor. Add some kimchi to the mix and you got a spicy hot take on the classic taco that even your abuela will rave about!

Fried Cheese Shell Tacos

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Using fried cheese instead of a tortilla turns any kind of taco into a richer gooier mess of goodness that you will be instantly addicted to. Use harder cheeses like cheddar for best results: simply grate the cheese into a baking sheet and melt it into a tortilla shape in the oven before filling it up with all the fixings!

Duck Tacos with Red Mole

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Just say this one out loud. Duck meat with savory red mole. Heaven on earth. Roast the duck just like you would do carnitas or lamb and then add a real Oaxacan style red mole to the mix for some out of the world bombness.

Cactus Tacos

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Ok, so nopalito tacos have been around for a while. But the trend towards vegetarian Mexican cuisine in the United States has taken this tender cactus flesh to new heights. Try adding non-traditional ingredients like feta cheese and olives to the mix for some blow your mind tacos that are entirely meat-free.

Skirt Steak Tacos

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Famous for its meatiness and flavor, even if it’s not the most tender cut on the beast, skirt steak makes an excellent taco filling that needs to be tried to be believed. Try grilling the steak up on a real charcoal bbq first and then adding it hot to the tortillas just before serving for the ultimate yum fest!

Lettuce Tacos

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Whether you are trying to cut down on carbs, up your fresh vegetable intake or just want a lighter, crisp touch to your tacos, lettuce shells could be for you. Because of its harder structure, iceberg lettuce works the best as a natural taco shell but you can also experiment with greener and more flavorful varieties.

 Tofu Tacos

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Tofu tacos are here to stay. And the good news is that chefs are experimenting with this traditional Japanese meat alternative in many creative ways. Try frying the tofu to a crispy sheen to up the flavor profile on your veggie tacos!

Short Rib Tacos

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From Asian braised to Texas style, adding short ribs to the classic Mexican taco is a match made in heaven. Top off with fresh cilantro and some tomatillo salsa for a succulent take on everyone’s favorite finger food.

Fried Chicken Tacos

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It had to happen. And we are happy it did. Fried chicken tacos can be spiced up with everything from blue cheese to bbq sauce. Play around with this one at home and it will soon be a family favorite.

Salmon Tacos

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High in healthy omega 3 oils and smooth, tender and tasty, salmon is a natural addition to today’s tacos that quite simply takes them to the next level. Try cutting into small cubes and cooking on the grill and then adding avocado or guacamole for a creamy finish.

Rueben Tacos

Source: Twitter@taqueriaeljefe https://twitter.com/taqueriaeljefe/status/930508595501944832

We never thought we would be recommending putting 1000 island on a taco. What a sacrilege! But when you got corned beef, sauerkraut and melted cheese together it’s just natural. Try some Rueben tacos, we bet you will be hooked!

Soft Shell Crab Tacos

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Nothing is quite as satisfying as the crunchy goodness of a fried soft shell crab and putting in a taco tortilla just doubles down on the fun factor. Now you can add all the fixings you want! We recommend sriracha mayo and tartar to get things started!

Falafel Tacos

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Veggie foodies rejoice, falafel tacos really are a thing! Combining the best of the Middle East with the fresh sabor of Mexico, falafel tacos will have you begging for seconds – so make sure to cook up a king-sized batch!

Breakfast Tacos

Source: Twitter@sufferingjuke https://twitter.com/sufferingjuke/status/1064911855611596800

While breakfast burritos have been a thing since the baby boomer generation, breakfast tacos are a trend we are just starting to see really take off on a massive level. And that’s a good thing. From huevos rancheros to just good old bacon and eggs, breakfast tacos can support all your favorite morning ingredients in a new, salsa drenched package!

Thanksgiving Tacos

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Don’t think turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies and gravy can all fit in a taco shell? Think again my friend, its been done and the results are out of this world. For those of us who like Thanksgiving every day, and all these ingredients are really indigenous foods of North America btw, the Thanksgiving taco crosses the border with a vengeance that you will feel in your tastebuds!

Avocado Keto Tacos

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Simple, healthy and delicious, avocado keto tacos allow you to smother everybody’s favorite fruit/veggie with salsas, onions and other Mexican goodness in an easy to hold taco tortillas. Popular among the keto crowd for its low carb content, avocado tacos can be whipped with a quickness and will satisfy even the crankiest crowd! add shrimp, crab or any meat on the menu for a high protein low carbohydrate taco that can even help you lose weight!

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