Hunter Who Says He Was Shot At By Immigrants At U.S.-Mexico Border Was Victim Of Friendly Fire, Investigators Conclude

Earlier this year, two hunters suffered gun-related injuries while camped out at the Circle Dug Ranch, a Texas ranch near the U.S.-Mexico border. According to Texas Monthly, a 26-year-old hunting guide named Walker Daugherty was shot in the abdomen. One of his clients, 59-year-old Edwin Roberts, was shot in the arm. When Daugherty reported the incident to law enforcement officials, he and his fiancée claimed that the gunfire came from illegal Mexican immigrants who were attempting to steal the Daugherty’s RV and kidnap their clients.

After the incident, a GoFundMe page was launched to help Daugherty pay for his medical expenses. According to KOSA CBS 7, the now-inactive campaign page stated that Daugherty was shot by illegal immigrants who were trying to steal his RV. More than $25,000 was raised to cover Daugherty’s medical expenses.

Credit: GoFundMe

Upon hearing the story, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller posted a message to Facebook calling Daugherty a hero and pledging his support for a border wall. “This is why we need the wall and to secure our borders,” wrote Miller. According to the Dallas News, the post was shared 6,500 times before Miller deleted it.

Credit: Sid Miller / Facebook

Weeks later, law enforcement officials determined Daugherty’s story was false.

According to KOSA CBS 7 in Texas, an investigation by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Department found that the gunfire did not come from immigrants crossing the border — it came from the hunters themselves. That’s right: friendly fire. Investigators determined that Daugherty shot Roberts and that another hunting guide, Michael Bryant, shot Daugherty.

The Daugherty family reportedly released a statement about the Presidio County Sheriff’s investigation that was published on the blog The Westerner.

“We do not deny that our hunter client was hit by a bullet that resulted from a horribly fearful and confusing situation. However, the bullet that shot our son was not. That shot came later and from an entirely different direction. We are unable to reveal all the details of the event at this time but we do not agree with the Sherriff’s stated conclusion to the incident.”

Read their full statement here.

Daugherty and Bryant have since been indicted on charges of deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others, reports the Austin American-Statesman.

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