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Here Are Some Of The 80+ Latinx Products You Can Find At Target This Month

For the first time in the company’s history, Target is launching a special line of products to honor Latinx Heritage Month. Target says the product line highlights the themes of family, Latina empowerment and Latinx pride. With more than 80 items to choose from, you can get your hands on everything from shirts, books, and movies to special food items and unique items designed by Latinx artists.

The special campaign is being called ‘Más Que’ and is meant to show that there is more to Latino culture than meets the eye. Particularly amazing is that there will be a selection of products in every store in the country (and online) — with more products hitting the shelves throughout the month.

According to a statement from Target, “We already have so many amazing Latino-owned brands we work with that it felt natural to showcase them in an exclusive collection to further support their businesses, as well as to commission standout Latino artists to create special designs specific to this themed assortment. We are proud to feature several exclusive products for this collection, including select apparel designs from Latino artists Alex Izaguirre of Mamút Creative and Reina Castellanos of ReinaVSReina.”

Here are some of our favorite products from the lineup:

Millennial Lotería

We all know and love this modern, updated version of the classic Lotería game and now it’s easier than ever to get your hands on it.

Latin American Tote

Credit: Target / Mas Que

No matter your Latinx heritage, you’ll be able to represent with this tote that features all the countries from across the beautiful region. And at just $10 it’s a must-have.

Familia Baseball Cap

Credit: Target / Mas Que

For many of us, familia is everything. Our families have helped support us and form us into the strong community we are today. Why not wear your pride in your familia on your…cap?

Unique Printed Mugs

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Reina Castellanos

These uniquely designed mugs are everything. Target partnered with illustrator Reina Castellanos, who provided the hand-drawn designs for this launch. This set gets you two 18oz mugs for just $9.99.

Café La Llave

Target enlisted the help of Cuban-American actress and TikToker Ana Coto to share her day — which always starts with coffee. There are few brands more popular in our community than Cafe La Llave.

Vegan Cashew Queso Dip from Siete

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Siete

Latino-owned Siete is bringing us a vegan version of queso dip made from creamy cashews. Select Targets will offer a variety of flavors for just $5.99.

LUNA MAGIC Eye Shadow Palette

Credit: Target / Mas Que / LUNA MAGIC

This gorgeous eye shadow palette by LUNA MAGIC comes with a beautiful assortment of nine colors, such as Beautiful (pink), Daring (shimmery fuchsia), and Graceful (shimmery purple).

Botanika Curl Cream

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Botanika

Described as being for all hair types, this luscious curl cream is from Latina-owned brand Botanika and provides moisture and the ultimate curl definition.

Chillhouse False Nails

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Chillhouse

Available in a pack of 24 and in various designs, these Chillhouse Chill Tips are salon-quality nail art that you can do in your own home, mess-free, no wait time, and no smudges so you have more me-time.

Vámonos: Oaxaca Children’s Book

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Patty Rodriguez

Teach your baby about Oaxaca, a magical city in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, through illustrations and words that will teach them about the world in English and Spanish. Created by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein, and colorful illustrations by Ana Godinez, these are books are kids need!

Gender Inclusive Latin Heroes T-Shirts

Credit: Target / Mas Que / Guillermo Gonzales

Created by Alex Izaquirre, these iconic t-shirts feature Latinx heroes and sheroes like Guillermo Gonzales Camarena, Simon Bolivar, Elivia Carillo Puerto and Las Hermanas Mirabal.

So what are you waiting for? Find your local Target and go show your love for these products created by those in our very own community!

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