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Can Someone Tell The Trump Administration That States With Big Immigrant Communities See Greatest Economic Prosperity

The Trump administration has long attacked immigrants and has released policy after policy designed to curb immigration to the United States.

But why?

Trump himself has benefited greatly from immigrants and the strong economy they help build.

A new report out details how immigration has helped fuel economic prosperity.

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The US has a record 43.7 million immigrants or about 13.5% of the country’s population. And all of these immigrants are helping build a stronger US economy.

According to a report by Bloomberg, states with the greatest concentration of immigrants create the most jobs and the biggest increase in personal income. Where immigrants are relatively scarce, states generate the fewest jobs and the smallest rise in income.

It’s well-established that highly skilled and highly educated immigrants make up an outsized share of America’s science and technology workforce, scientists and Nobel Prize winners, and high-tech entrepreneurs. And it’s not just high-skilled immigrants who benefit the American economy, but immigrants of all stripes and from all walks of life.

Look at California and Texas.

These two states have the most manufacturing jobs in the country and, according to Bloomberg, are able to claim that title because more than 6% of their labor comes from undocumented workers.

In agriculture, where California earns a record $35.6 billion per year, undocumented workers can make up as much as 17% of the workforce every year.

The Top 5 and Bottom 5 states in terms of immigration also offer some clues.

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The top 5 states with the most immigrants (California, Texas, Florida, New York, and New Jersey) all had the highest rate of economic prosperity. Together the wealth in these states grew by an average of 10.1% over a two-year period.

While the bottom five states (Indiana, Wisconsin, Tenessee, Ohio, Missouri) saw wealth grow only 8.2% over the same period.

The relationship between prosperity and immigrants — undocumented or not — is obvious.

Yet Trump continues to attack immigrants and is enacting policies that hurt immigrant communities.

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From putting up roadblocks for asylum seekers and refugees to limiting the number of high-skilled migrants, the Trump administration has launched a full-frontal assault on immigration.

Even though Trump himself has enjoyed the economic benefits of immigration.

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Trump attacks immigration but he also relies on it. There’s a reason he does so much business in states that attract them.

With so many Trump hotels, residential buildings and golf courses located where migrants are numerous, Employer-in-Chief Donald Trump has enjoyed the economic benefits of immigration. The hypocrisy of Trumponomics is made obvious by the demonizing of undocumented workers when the Trump organization profits off of them.

America’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment is not only a threat to innovation and economic growth in the short term but in the long run as well.

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