These Are Some Of The Most Outrageous Ice Cream And Sorbet Flavors From Mexico

So, we say that in today’s technological world, we’ve seen pretty much everything. But have we really?

When it comes to ice cream and sorbet flavors, we are constantly finding new flavor pairings that blow our minds. South of the border, it’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to the flavors invading ice cream shops in Mexico. As we’ll find out, some of them are flavors that should have always existed and others might need to be reconsidered.

1. Avocado Sorbet

vegordice / Instagram

Avocado sorbet is a vegan’s dream because what it lacks in lactose fat it’s compensated by the own fatty oils in the avocado. And while it’s not a dieter’s paradise since it does have a fair amount of sugar, the flavors just explode in your mouth.

2. Rose Petal Ice Cream

kimanda / Instagram

Rose petal ice cream is typical from the coastal state of Veracruz where they take pride in preparing some of the most creative ice creams and sorbets anywhere in the world. Sweet and tangy, it can be a real kicker on your next date.

3. Corn Ice Cream

ukulelelala / Instagram

Corn ice cream can be reminiscent of a sweet tamale although the texture is definitely not of the salty treat. If you’re craving somewhat like a tortilla combined with a gelato, you’ve got it.

4. Jamaica Sorbet

mmigallery / Instagram

Now hibiscus, or Jamaica flower as it’s called south of the border, makes a popular infused drink, but when you turn it into a popsicle, sorbet or sherbet it takes in all new level of goodness. And if you add just a little touch of tequila or mezcal, oh yeah baby!

5. Zapote Ice Cream

lapetitacuinera / Instagram

Zapote or naseberry ice cream is a real treat and you can make it with or without egg, with or without milk, but definitely slip in an ounce or two of your favorite liqueur and it becomes a deceitful treat where unbeknownst to you, you’re getting loaded!

6. Cheesecake Ice Cream, pero with queso fresco.

Cheesecake Ice Cream. Crazy For Crust. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Cheesecake ice cream is popular all over the world, but in Mexico you can really taste the queso fresco and not just a bunch of sweet dough.

7. Spicy Ice Cream

Walnut Spicy Ice Cream. Olivia Cuisine. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Another of the many varieties of Mexican ice creams and sorbets is one made with walnuts and chilies, not the most likely of combinations, but when chilled and mixed with other sweet ingredients takes a personality of its own.

8. Pulque Sorbet

oswaldorex / Intagram

Pulque is a typical alcoholic beverage from fermented stalks of the maguey plant, a close relative of agave. Although some despise because of its gooey consistency, once converted into its frozen iteration, it’s out of this world!

9. Pasta And Chicken Broth Flavored Ice Cream

suhreall / Instagram

When we say pasta ice cream, were not talking about the Italian variety, but rather the Mexican-style with a definite chicken broth, tomato and spices in it. When frozen it becomes irresistible.

10. Mole Ice Cream

gastrogrammx / Instagram

Mole has many different variations and recipes, after all some takes on mole include over 100 ingredients, so when some ingenious master cook turns this into a frozen treat, anything can happen!

11. Jalapeño Ice Cream

madam_foodie / Instagram

There are many outlets in the US that make red hot ice creams, but the jalapeño concoction made just north of Mexico City provides the right balance of sweet and tangy with just a little burst of heat in the aftertaste.

12. Tequila Sorbet

miguelgpevv / Instagram

We’ve all heard of tequila lime chicken at franchise restaurants, but tequila lime sorbet kicks it up a notch. Some like to mix in a little bit of cilantro or parsley, while others simply spike it up with a lot more tequila.

13. Mezcal Sorbet

salty_nomads / Instagram

A close relative of pulque, Mezcal has become the beverage of choice of many millennials in fashionable bars across the US. But with a careful combination of ingredients, both sweet and spicy, the mezcal popsicle can easily chill you off for a week or two.

14. Champagne Ice Cream

mismaidkenly / Instagram

Although not Mexican by nature, champagne is a preferred beverage at all across the world. Once frozen and mixed with eggs, sugar and other ingredients it becomes quite something!

15. Cactus Ice Cream

albee1031 / Instagram

Cactus leaf or paddles are typically used in stews with other ingredients such as beef, chicken or pork. But the finely ground leaves, mixed with sugar, water, cinnamon and other spices takes on a whole new dimension in your taste buds.

16. Shrimp Sorbet

farm8 / Flickr

Shrimp might not be the first flavor you thin of when you think sweet treats, but it exists. This is what you call a foodie adventure and it’s worth experiencing at least once.

17. Mazapan Ice Cream

coffeenutzz / Instagram

Peanut mazapan ice cream takes from one of the most popular snacks in Mexican fare and bums it up into a deliciously tasty frozen concoction. The consistency reminds you of peanut butter but raised to the umpteenth level.

18. Epazote Ice Cream

Guayaba and Epazote Ice Cream. Sabore Arte. Digital Image. May 11, 2018.

Epazote, or wormseed, normally goes into black bean preparations, although in its frozen form once combined with sugar, cinnamon and raisins it gives you a mouthful of goodliness in every spoonful.

19. Red Wine Sorbet

lovelyair / Instagram

Red wine sorbet is another tricky frozen treat do the fact that sometimes you don’t realize you’re getting a pretty tipsy while enjoying all the sweetness in the popsicle.

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