She Was Detained By ICE For Two Weeks, But Dreamer Daniela Vargas Has Finally Been Released

On March 1st, DACA recipient Daniela Vargas made headlines when she was detained by ICE officials shortly after speaking publicly on her fears of deportation and the rights of immigrants. Only a few days earlier, Vargas’ father and brother were picked up by ICE officials. The Mississippi native was born in Argentina, but at the age of seven, she came with her parents and brother in search of a better life.

On Friday, authorities released 22-year-old Vargas, who was being held at the La Salle Detention Facility in Louisiana.

NBC reports that Karen Tumlin, the legal director of the National Immigration Law Center, worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center to secure Vargas’ release. The civil rights organizations argued in their petition that Vargas was targeted in “retaliation” for exercising her first amendment rights, and her detention was a violation of her first and fifth amendment rights.

In a statement, Tumlin gave an update on Vargas’ condition, saying, “After a long nearly two weeks in detention, Daniela Vargas is on her way back to her family and her community in Mississippi. This is a day, at least it is a moment, for celebration in what has been a terrifying set of months for the immigrant community and their families.”

Though Vargas has been released, she will remain under supervision.

The New York Times reports that Vargas was released by ICE officials under an order of supervision. The specifics of the order have not been released, but Vargas will likely have to check in with the nearby ICE offices in Mississippi.

As of today, Vargas remains susceptible to deportation, but Karen Tumlin remains optimistic, saying:

Dany’s case shows that when a community fights back, we win. The truth, though, is that Dany should never have been detained in the first place. President Trump’s mass deportation force is ensnaring folks like Dany, causing chaos and breaking apart communities. We will continue to fight for justice for Dany and for others like her.

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