Samantha Bee Is In Puerto Rico To Remind Us That The Island Is Still Struggling To Recover

The spirit of Puerto Rico convinced her to keep the spotlight on the island.

Samantha Bee is one tv show host that is not afraid to bring attention to the stories that matter. Her latest ambitious project is Puerto Rico. The island was on the forefront of the American consciousness after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and sent all Puerto Ricans into darkness. Now, six months laters, more than 100,000 people remain without power and cities still experience rolling blackouts as a result of the storm. Bee and her crew are reporting from the island to give a glimpse into the current situation for Puerto Rico.

Bee is comparing hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico with hypothetical examples.

Bee points out that the blackout currently impacting Puerto Rico would be taken much differently if it was a state. As Bee points out, imagine something this devastating happening in Connecticut or Florida. A six-month blackout and refusal to send aid to a state would not be acceptable. This leads Bee to ask, why isn’t the federal government giving all of the requested aid to Puerto Rico? The island is inhabited with American citizens after all. According tot he video, Puerto Rican officials have requested $94.4 billion in aid but only $16 billion has been approved. That is $78.6 billion less than what was requested.

Furthermore, Bee spoke with people that are volunteering their time and services in their hurricane-stricken communities.

Since the federal government hasn’t done enough to help the recovery, communities have come together to fix things. Barbers set up shop to cut people’s hair who don’t have electricity, laundry parties are a thing where people wash their clothes on a bus, and one organization specializing in solar power and sustainable food growing opened their doors to those affected by the hurricane.

Check out more on the Full Frontal With Samantha Bee YouTube channel.

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