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Hilarious Billboard Mistake Turns Mexican Politician Into Meme Gold

With social media playing such a big role in our world these days, it makes sense that politicians are going all in to appeal to today’s “millennial” culture. During last year’s presidential election, Hillary Clinton used the hashtag #ImWithHer. Bernie Sanders used #AFutureToBelieveIn. Even President Trump had #MAGA. But what makes a slogan successful? Humor? A message? Something more? Well, one politician in Mexico has either discovered the perfect campaign slogan — or the worst one ever.

Forget what you know about campaign slogans, Javier Zapata from Mexico’s Social Encounter party has a hashtag to believe in.

That’s right, Javier Zapata’s campaign slogan is #hashtagcampaña, which translates to #hashtagcampaign.

The Social Encounter party insists #hashtagcampaña was not a mistake, even though Buzzfeed reports it appears to be one.

Para los que creían que era Fake #hashtagcampaña si existe ☝?

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The generic hashtag appeared on several billboards in the state of Nayarit, which were paid for by Zapata’s campaign. Zapata’s campaign initially claimed only one billboard featured the hashtag.

The campaign made an attempt to cover up the hashtag, but it was already too late…

@LaCriaturaCreat / TWITTER

The corrected hashtags were later removed because people had already started to embrace #hashtagcampaña.

The Gubernatorial candidate’s slogan started to catch on. Netflix even jumped on it.

To promote their wildly successful show “House of Cards,” Netflix LATAM also used #Hashtagcampaña.

Twitter users wondered how anyone could think #hastagcampaña was a good idea.

@Daniel_Azuara tweeted that Zapata was as bad at the campaigning as he is the internet.

#HashtagCampaña when you’re learning to use the internet and campaign at the same time!

Several people on Twitter ironically shared their love of the campaign slogan.

Hey, it’s straight to the point, right?

Whether the slogan is a win or a loss, #hashtagcampaña got people talking.

@tonytacacci speculated that #hashtagcampaña was likely a mistake that was spun into political “strategy.”

One person believed the hashtag might have been the work of a political genius.

@nelsonRgomez wrote:

#hastagcampaña could be either the screw-up of a dumbass or the genius move of an expert. We’ll never know

Zapata has even one-upped himself. Now he’s asking people to send in their own hashtags his campaign can use.

Campaña #hashtagcampaña

Agradezco a todos los que han apoyado mi #hashtagcampaña, ahora pasaremos a la segunda etapa, donde la propuesta de "Hashtag" será de ustedes. #PorMisBigotes#RevolucionemosNayarit

Posted by Javier Zapata on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Javier Zapata / Facebook

Like this one: #PorMisBigotes.

Javier Zapata / Facebook

This roughly translates to “elect me for my mustache.” And it’s is catching on.

Javier Zapata / Facebook

It would look at home on a billboard.

@Daniel_Azuara / TWITTER

Zapata’s already embraced it.

Zapata released a statement explaining why he “chose” #hashtagcampaña.

Zapata explained why he is crowdsourcing his campaign slogan from the people, saying, “I’m convinced that ordinary people have more experience in creating political campaign ‘hashtags’ than parties themselves or the many campaign consultants that charge millions.”

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