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Politicians Around The World Are Praising The Results Of The Symbolic Vote By Venezuelans

In May, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced he would create the Constituent National Assembly, which would have the power to make changes to the Venezuelan Constitution. It is believed the move could set the groundwork for turning Venezuela into a one-party state. The opposition party criticized the announcement as a distraction created to confuse Venezuelans. The vote for the Constituent National Assembly is taking place on July 30 and state assembly members have been told that they have to vote on the measure or risk being fired. Before the vote for the assembly, the opposition party set up a nonbinding referendum that Venezuelan to “vote” and show their opposition the constitutional rewrite.

The opposition vote drew 7.2 million Venezuelans July 16.

Venezuelans overwhelmingly voted against Maduro’s proposal of creating an assembly to rewrite the constitution. The last time Venezuela’s constitution was rewritten was in 1999, when Hugo Chavez first took office in Venezuela. Opponents then worried that the restructuring of Venezuela’s government could lead to a dictatorship, according to The Guardian.

Venezuelans around the world took part in this symbolic vote.

Venezuelans turned out in Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami casting votes on the measure to show solidarity against the measure. There have been reports of a nurse being shot and killed while waiting to vote in Caracas, the capital.

The results of the vote rebuking the rewrite to the constitution was received with praise by many leaders and politicians.

According to The Washington Post, leaders from several countries have announced praise for the size of the referendum and pressed for free and fair elections. Sean Spicer, the spokesperson for the White House, told The Washington Post that the vote is an “unmistakable statement that they made and delivered to their government.”

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