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Canadians Outpace Mexicans In This Surprising U.S. Immigration Statistic

A recent 2016 report from the Department of Homeland Security shows that Canadians are more than out-pacing Mexicans as those most likely to overstay their visa. As Quartz reported, in 2016, 630,000 total visitors to the United States failed to return to their home country when their visas had expired, a number well above the 415,000 people caught crossing the Mexico-U.S. border.

The total number of Canadians overstaying their visa, the report showed, was 120,000, while those from Mexico numbered at 47,000.

Quartz reports that these statistics can be prone to error. A large number of those that overstay their visa end up returning home shortly after it has expired. The survey also only accounts for those who travel by plane or boat, leaving those who travel by car, or other means, off the report.

To get the whole story, check out the piece from Quartz.

H/T Quartz

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