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President Trumps Deportation Demands Are Putting ICE And Border Patrol Into Compromising Positions

The last few months have been a public relations nightmare for the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Several dubious arrests, like the detainments of Dreamer Daniel Ramirez Medina and legal U.S. citizen Chávez Aguilar, have exposed the difficulty the department has in correctly processing cases under President Trump’s demanding deportation quotas. And even as these departments struggle to keep up with the caseloads, President Trump’s administration is expected to ramp up the number of deportations, NBC News reports.

President Trump has approved the expedited hiring of thousands of Border Patrol and ICE agents, but experts fear this may only create more problems.

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The expeditious hiring of ICE and Border Patrol agents would likely water down the quality of officers in the departments, as many wouldn’t receive the proper vetting or training. Adding to this dilemma is the reality that these departments aren’t likely to receive the necessary funds from Congress, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general has already stated that the department’s employees are “overwhelmed” and, in many cases, working with “inaccurate information.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that he has plans to add 125 judges to oversee immigration cases by 2019, however, as the Los Angeles Times reports, there are currently only 250 judges capable of handling the backlog of more than half a million cases.

For more on this story, be sure to check out the Los Angeles Time’s article.

[H/T] LA TIMES:  Trump Wants To Ramp Up Deportations, But ICE Probably Won’t Be Able To Keep Up

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