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More Cubans Are Being Detained And Deported One Year After ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Was Eliminated

There are currently 37,218 undocumented Cuban immigrants facing final orders of deportation in the U.S. The trend of sending undocumented Cubans back to the island started when President Obama eliminated the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which allowed individuals who fled Cuba and entered the United States to pursue residency a year later. Now, in order for Cubans to come to the U.S., they have to follow the same process as all other immigrants.

According to Miami Herald, Cuban nationals fleeing to the U.S. will have to apply for asylum and spend time in a detention center. The tough stance on immigration from President Trump seems to have led to a sharp decrease in Cuban migration into the country.

Miami Herald reports that the number of Cubans stopped by the Coast Guard has significantly dropped. In the fiscal year 2016, 5,396 Cubans were captured by the Coast Guard. Just a year later, only 1,468 Cuban nationals have been stopped. On the opposite side, the number of Cubans in detention centers has increased since the Jan. 12 decision by Obama.

Obama’s decision to end “wet foot, dry foot” impacted thousands of Cuban immigrants. Many were coming through Mexico when the decision was announced. Thousands of Cuban nationals remain stuck in places like Mexico because of this change in the law. Those who have managed to get into the U.S. face detention and deportation.

You can read the full story in the Miami Herald.

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