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White House Decides To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo A Day Early And Social Media Isn’t Having It

Yesterday The Hill reported that President Trump would break with tradition by not hosting the White House’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. Last year, the event was hosted President Obama, who treated 500 guests to food from celeb chef Johnny Hernandez and the music of Maná. President Trump is instead visiting with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in New York to honor the Battle of the Coral Sea, a fight that saw Australian and U.S. soldiers fighting Japanese pilots.

Instead of hosting the Cinco de Mayo party, President Trump will be in New York for Cinco de Mayo, where the best taco bowls are made.

“I love Hispanics!”

Fear not! Vice President Mike “Party Animal” Pence will instead host the Cinco de Mayo festivities.


Politico reports that the event will take place in the Indian Treaty Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office, which is located next to the West Wing of the White House.

However, the Cinco de Mayo celebration will take place on May 4th, rather than the actual day.


It’s definitely an odd choice to celebrate a holiday on the wrong day. If the White House can do it, I should be able to celebrate Christmas any day I want. But it’s like they say, “It’s always Cinco de Mayo somewhere.”

Social media scratched its head at the announcement of Mike Pence as host on May 4th.

To many, Pence doesn’t seem like the right guy for the job.

Some people joked about whether or not Mike Pence knows what Cinco de Mayo is.

They questioned how terrible the buffet might be.

A few questioned the ethical problems this holiday posed for the administration.

Others were just…

…at a loss for words. If you can’t say something nice.

Politico reports that the event was likely prepared last minute, as multiple attendees said they received their invites earlier this week.

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