A Group Of Men And A Woman Attacked A 92-Year-Old Man While Telling Him To Go Back To His Country

Rodolfo Rodriguez, 92, set out about 7 p.m. on the Fourth of July for an evening walk around his family’s south Los Angeles neighborhood. During that walk, Rodriguez was attacked after accidentally bumping into a young girl while trying to pass her on the sidewalk. The toddler’s mother shoved him to the ground and beat him in the face with a brick, which left him with two broken ribs, a broken cheekbone, and bruising. But the woman wasn’t alone as four men joined in to assault Rodriguez as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk. The woman pictured with a piece of concrete in her hand has been arrested. Laquisha Jones, 30, is facing assault with a deadly weapon for her attack on the grandfather.

He had traveled from Michoacan, Mexico to Los Angeles to visit his family.

Authorities are now searching for multiple suspects following an attack that includes up to four other people who struck Rodriguez in the face with a brick. Misbel Borjas, who saw the entire incident, told the LA Times the woman beat the 92-year-old because he bumped into her daughter. She says she saw the woman push Rodriguez and start to hit him with a block of cement.

While Rodriguez was being beaten he was told multiple times to go back to Mexico.

Borjas said throughout the incident the woman was saying racist and insensitive things at Rodriguez. “She was yelling at him, ‘Go back to your country,’ or ‘Go back to Mexico,’” Borjas told the LA Times. “It was racist.” Rodriguez recalls the incident and says that he never pushed the daughter. “I didn’t even bump into her kid,” Rodriguez told CNN. “I just passed her and she pushed me and she hit me until she was done.” Rodriguez said the woman ran up to a group of men nearby and told them Rodriguez was trying to take her daughter away from her. The men joined her and started kicking him as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk.

The picture below is of the unidentified suspect who hit Rodriguez with the brick.

Borjas was the one that took the picture of the suspect and tried to intervene during the attack. “When I tried to videotape her with my cell phone, she threw that same concrete block,” Borjas told CNN.

Many people are shocked to hear of Rodriguez’s brutal beating.

Many online are wishing the best recovery for Rodriguez and are hoping that this incident doesn’t change what this country means to him. The video of his assault has gained almost 1K views and has brought awareness of the incident across social media.

Rodriguez’s family has started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover  medical costs.

Rodriguez’s grandson, Erik Mendoza started a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised more than $30,000. Mendoza and his family are still processing the incident and are looking for answers. “How can you hurt a 92-year-old man? What kind of threat does he pose to you, for you to do this to him?” Mendoza told KTLA. “That’s why we’re still in shock, as you can see he’s badly injured.” According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department they have a witness that can identify the female but nothing other leads at the moment.

“We think we have an idea (on who the suspects are) but I just want police to find them,” Mendoza said. “That’s all our family wants, justice for our grandpa.”

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