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People Are Sharing The Most Stupid Things They’ve Ever Heard

People say a lot of things. You’ve probably been guilty of it, too: telling an exaggerated story to seem cool on a first date or citing a meme like a scientific article. Sometimes we just fumble our words, or something gets lost in translation—pero no hay pedo, it happens to everyone (communication is hard, tbh). Even still, occasionally we find ourselves in a truly shocking interaction, where someone shares a questionable idea or makes a bizarre statement that leaves us thinking . . . what just happened? The internet is teeming with these strange and disorienting tidbits, and we are totally into it.

When asked “What’s the dumbest thing someone has told you?” Reddit users responded accordingly:

This person had too much faith in the power of floppy disks, and also didn’t understand the concept of the internet. But it was probably the 90s, so we’ll let it slide.

Credit: Pinterest

“Someone once told me they saved the Internet on a floppy disk. They actually saved their dialup connection shortcut but they truly were convinced that it contained the whole Internet.” –timetraveller1977

Someone who doesn’t know history very well thought one of the Beatles was the first president of the United States to be assassinated (the truth: the first US president to be assassinated was Abraham Lincoln, and no Beatle has ever been president).


“John Lennon was in fact the first president to be assassinated.” –Dame_Mort

This young person asked an existential (and actually kind of poetic) question about the relationship between the sun and the ocean.

Credit: Unsplash

“Watching a sunset on the ocean one day when a late teens person asked me why the ocean doesn’t put the sun’s fire out.” –dosta1322

This person must have REALLY sharp vision.

“That windshield wipers wear out faster in the middle, because that’s the part you look through the most often, as if your sight is an energy beam that degrades the rubber or something.” –Habaneroe12

This woman didn’t quite comprehend the concept of a tire.

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“My ex wife (wife at the time) came home late, said she had a flat tire and that her and her girlfriend were able to put the spare on (I taught her that) then she said there was something she didn’t understand. She said she saw a screw in the tire and wanted to know that if the screw was in the top of the tire, why was the bottom flat.” –Tool_Time_Tim

This interaction speaks for itself (smh).

Credit: Global Look Press

“Her: I think the law that requires you to wear a seatbelt is sooooo stupid. My body, my choice.

Me: Well what about your five-year-old son? You wouldn’t want to hurt him if he was riding with you, right?

Her: (shrugs) When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

Me: Really? That’s how you feel about that? I mean…why even look before crossing the street, if ‘When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go’?

Her: Actually, I usually don’t look when I cross the street.

Edit: She is under 30, but already has terrible knees. Why? Get ready…she was hit by a car in her teens while she was crossing the street. –Gween_Waynjuh

This person might not have gotten enough Parental Guidance…

“My step sister told me we should see the PG13 movie because PG meant ‘pretty good.’” –itti-bitti-kitti

This person may not know how to count (and may want to study A LOT before trying to complete the math section).

“Friend in high school told me he didn’t take the SAT because he heard it’s easier the second time.” –ImReallySorryMom

This person might have skipped biology too many times in high school.

Credit: Shutterstock

“If you swallow your chewing gum, your lungs will stick together.” –marchese51

This person really, really needs a geography lesson. And a social studies lesson. And a critical thinking lesson.

“I was teaching about hurricanes shortly after Christmas break a few years ago and when I brought up the Caribbean Sea, I asked if anyone went there over their break. A couple of hands went up, and one boy shouted out ‘yo, we went to Fake Mexico, and nobody even spoke Mexican.’

When I asked him what he meant by Fake Mexico and where he actually went, he said ‘Man, I don’t even know.’” – Gneissisnice

This person does not know much about etymology, but these words do sound similar (and we have to admit, the idea is kind of interesting):

Credit: Amazon

“The root word of infant was ‘infinite’, therefore, infants have infinite wisdom.” –She_Likes_Cloth

This person needs a calendar (though it really shouldn’t be necessary).

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“Someone once asked me and I quote, “When is 9/11 again?” I didn’t know if they were joking or not so I laughed. They were serious.” –OfficialAzif

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