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People Are Talking About The Most Uncomfortable Christmas Moments Their Families Have Experienced

Ah Christmas! A time for family celebrations, holiday cheer, giving and love. The season which brings so much joy can also bring so much panic, terror and at its peak worst: horror. 

According to a 2018 report by the  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Christmas remains the leading holiday for home fires. In fact, NFPA states that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the ” two of the three highest fire risk days of the year.”  To highlight all of the drama (and danger) that includes the Christmas season and put a fun twist on it, we rounded up someone of the most bizarre and uncomfortable Christmas stories from Reddit

The year swine flu came to place.

@theKayGee / Twitter

“2008: I came down with swine flu and had to wear a surgical mask. My deadbeat dad went to jail. And on Christmas morning I found my beloved pet parakeet dead on the bottom of his cage. My neighbors looked out their back window that day to see a sobbing 17-year-old in a pink bathrobe and SARS mask saying a funeral for a dead bird in the middle of a blizzard.”– user unidentified.  

The notch on the bedpost carved by teeth.

“9 year old me ran into my mum & dad’s room excited to open presents. Unfortunately, as I was running in, I tripped over a rug and smashed my teeth against my parent’s bed post. Blood was everywhere. I lost one tooth (luckily a baby tooth) and fractured my adult incisor. I had to wait 6 hours in hospital for a specialist to arrive. Didn’t get to open any of my presents, and had to drink my Christmas dinner through a straw! We still have the bed post, with 3 clear distinct teeth marks.” – Josh7534

The mouse that ate Christmas.

“Not my story, but my parents told me that when they were first married, they handmade a popcorn string to go around the tree. Over the next week, they kept noticing that pieces of the popcorn string were missing, but they weren’t sure what was doing it because they didn’t own any pets. Finally one night they heard a noise out in the living room so they went to go investigate, and it turns out there was a mouse coming out to eat the popcorn string every night!I would love to see your finished article when you’re done! I love the idea! I’ll definitely let you know if I think of any others!” user codelee wrote.

When the little brother who ruined dessert.

@defusemail / Pinterest

“Well, this happened just last year. We had food set out on the table, and we were all sitting on chairs around it. Out of nowhere, my brother’s chair snaps and he tries to grab onto the table but can only grab the cloth, and as he falls to the floor, he pulls the cloth with him a bit. The only thing that fell was a massive chocolate cake, but it splattered everywhere. Everyone couldn’t stop laughing for the night,” Old_and_Moistshared.

When the tree comes, the cats come out to destroy it.

@fugitiveink / Instagram

“While I wasn’t yet born at the time, (I was born in ’96 and this happened around about ’94 or ’95), Mum and Dad had put the then-brand new six-foot-tall Christmas tree up and had finished decorating it, when the cat decided to climb into the tree and start clambering his way up. As expected, gravity prevailed, and the whole thing fell down, destroying almost all the delicate glass baubles that hung around the tree’s midsection. When I was a kid, I always thought that the glass baubles were put up high so I couldn’t clumsily knock them off while helping decorate. While we had another kitten enter the household when I was just 1, apparently he loved climbing the tree just as much as his predecessor did, hence the tradition of having all the glass decorations well out of reach of a mischievous feline! This story never fails to give me a chuckle, and it reminds me of Archie, the cat who grew up alongside me, and stayed by my side even in his final few years,” explained ChristmasGodzilla96.  

That time the dad couldn’t control his temper and threw the tree through the window.

@Skentelbery / Instagram

“My family only ever got one real tree. This being my parents first buying experience they didn’t know that you can get a slanted trunk that won’t stay up. My dad realized that after attempting to get it to stay up multiple times. This was back when he had less control over anger. My mom leaves the room for a bit and comes back to find he had chucked the tree off the balcony of the apartment. We’ve had the same fake tree my whole life.” — Rekcikssa23

That year this family member wasn’t so forgotten they didn’t get one present.

“My younger cousin snuck my present from the tree at my grandparents’, and held it hostage for about a month or so. We were all bewildered and freaked out, and my grandpa took their lab to the vet’s office to make sure he didn’t eat it.

I remember crying, because I was the only kid who didn’t get a present, out of 8-9 cousins. My aunt eventually found it in his room. So always make sure that all gifts are accounted for and there for Christmas, and that nothing is missing. It’s the difference between a happy christmas, and the christmas of a whining screaming child, while all of my cousins lost faith in their belief of Santa Claus,” said chokingonlego.

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