Mom Of Man Who Gave His Life To Save Hurricane Harvey Victims May Actually Get A Visa To Attend His Funeral

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“My son went to a place where there are no borders.”

The parents of Alfonso Guillén, a DACA recipient, who lost his life while rescuing victims of Hurricane Harvey, spoke up recently about their son. His mother, Rita Ruiz de Guillén, said he was a kind person and said her son could no longer sit by watching the victims of Hurricane Harvey, so he geared up and drove 120 miles to Houston to do what he could. He and his friend, Tomas Carreon, both died while trying to save people stuck in an apartment building. They were in a boat when they hit a bridge and flipped over. They were swept away by the strong currents. Alfonso’s father, Jesus Guillén, a permanent resident who brought him to the U.S. as a 14-year-old, went to try and find his son, but couldn’t. The 31-year-old father and DJ was found four days later. His mother voiced her approval of DACA in the video above, saying that recipients of DACA “given the opportunity, would do a lot for this nation.”

Mrs. Guillén, according to HuffPo, was initially denied a visa for entry to the U.S. to attend his funeral. But that may change.

According to their Twitter account, they issued a statement that they’re working with the family to get Mrs. Guillén entry to the U.S. They also offered their condolences for the loss of her son.

Guillén was a DJ on Supermix 101.9 and encouraged his listeners to contribute to their communities and to vote in elections, even though he couldn’t.

Publicado por SuperMix 101.9 Oficial en Domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Credit: SuperMixRadio / Facebook

The radio station shared several images of him in memoriam on their Facebook page.

Publicado por SuperMix 101.9 Oficial en Miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

Credit: SuperMixRadio / Facebook

As a DACA recipient, Guillén was hard working, a contributing member of his community, and in the end, a hero.

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