Here’s How More Than 100 People Survived An Aeromexico Plane Crash In The State Of Durango

Earlier this week, Aeromexico’s Flight AM2431 crashed in the state of Durango. No fatalities were reported from the plane crash. There were 103 passengers onboard the flight when it crashed shortly after take off in the northern state of Durango. With no fatalities, it is no wonder Twitter users showered the survivors with praise and love.

According to some officials, strong wind after take off brought the airliner down..

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While the accident is still being investigated, some are saying the accident happened because of a strong gust of wind. The wind allegedly caused the left wing to touch the ground knocking the engines loose.

The Embraer 190 was at full capacity with 99 passengers and four crew members.

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After the crash landing, 97 people were admitted to the hospital for treatment and 64 were released only 24 hours after the accident.

Only two passengers reported serious injuries.

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Two victims with serious injuries have been reported. One is a young girl who suffered burns on 25 percent of her body and the other is the plane’s pilot who underwent spine surgery.

Some passengers of the flight shared their own stories on Twitter as well.

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One of the passengers mentioned that at some point during the takeoff, the visibility went down to zero seconds before the plane took a plunge. Another one said that the wind was so intense that the wings of the plane were shaking.

Like the 17-year-old girl who recorded the whole thing with her phone.

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Garcia is a high school student from Northlake, Illinois and was one of the 65 American passengers of Flight AM2431. She mentioned during an interview that she decided to record the event because she had a feeling that something was going to happen if the plane took off during that storm.

There was talk that the survival of the passengers is thanks to divine intervention.

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Rev. Esequiel Sanchez whose also from the Chicago sustained some injuries and has been reported to be stable. In an interview, he mentions that at seconds after the plane took off there was no visibility which resulted in the plane taking a violent plunge.

Or the White Sox Fan who had a Tequila shot as soon as he was back at his hotel.

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According to Herrera, it was only drizzling and it wasn’t until the plane was taking off that the light rain turned into hail and violent winds. He recalls that the wind tilted the plane and then sliding out of control as the aircraft hit the ground right before bursting into flames.

Others wondered why President Trump never mention any of the 65 Americans on the flight.

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Tbh, if it’s happening in Mexico and doesn’t include his wall, why would he say anything?

The plane crashed only 1,000 feet away from the runway.

Credit: Flight AM2431. Digital Image. The Sunday Times. August 1, 2018.

Authorities say that right after the plunge the left wing of the twin-engine hit the ground which resulted in the plane losing both engines. Then the aircraft drifted a few hundred yards off the airport’s runway before it started to burn.

People are shocked at the lack of fatalities from the crash.

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But experts say that it’s no surprise that so many people survived. Former Inspector General of the Department of Transportation mentions that it’s becoming more common that no lives are taken during such events.

But it’s pretty common that this happens.

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In fact, it’s reported by the Civil Aviation Organization that 87 percent of plane crashes report no deaths due to constant improvement of safety measures.

Some even took the opportunity to remind us of the importance of following security protocols.

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Clearly the flight attendants and airline companies might know what they are talking about when they give you the safety speech.

Aeromexico used their own Twitter account to keep people alert on what was happening.

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They let people know how many people were and were not in the hospitals.

Passengers have started filing lawsuits against the airline company.

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One of the survivors, a Chicago teacher is suing Aeromexico for negligence.

But things have started to settle down after a few days.

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Passengers are starting to talk to the American press about what happened during the plane crash.

American passengers are starting to go back home.

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The Reverend has finally gone back to home to Des Plaines, Illinois.

The victims who suffered serious injuries are starting to heal.

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Like Aeromexico’s Flight AM2431 pilot, Carlos Galvan.

And now the people are looking for ways to support the victims.

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Hopefully, Alberto will get to meet the White Sox.

Only proving to the world how resilient Latinos can be.

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Even in the worst of times, Latinos stand strong and always try to maintain the best possible attitude to overcome whatever life throws our way. 

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