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Mexico May Finally Be Turning On Its President AMLO And Here’s Why He Should Be Worried About His Job

Mexico has long battled poverty, corruption, and violence but thanks to the Coronavirus, the situation in the country has gone from bad to worse. Millions of Mexicans are expected to be pushed back into poverty in the coming months as the economic effects of the pandemic continue to be felt – often by those already most vulnerable.

Despite this, AMLO has been moving forward with his cross-country political rallies and is being met by protesters up and down the nation who have had enough government policies that have done little to help them.

Despite the pandemic, Mexico’s President AMLO has resumed his tour across the country – and he’s being met by protesters.

Despite the Coronavirus raging out of control across Mexico, President AMLO has resumed his routine tours across the country. Just this past week, he visited four different states and was greeted by protesters in each one.

Angry and desperate over the disappearance of family members and the lack of action by authorities to find them, demonstrators shouted angrily at the president.

“You care about Chapo’s mom, you asshole, but not us,” yelled one woman, referring to AMLO shaking the hand of the elderly mother of convicted drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán in Sinaloa earlier this year and telling her that he had received her letter.

While AMLO chose to ignore his own government’s social distancing advice by greeting El Chapo’s mother in late March, he said Tuesday that the pandemic prevented him from speaking with the protesters in Veracruz.

From Merida to Baja, Mexicans are flooding to the streets to let AMLO know how they feel about his presidency.

Across Mexico, protesters have taken to the streets to voice their anger against the president. Many have taken part in protests from the socially-distanced confines of their vehicles.

Honking and shouting, demonstrators passed in front of the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City National Palace, the Monumento a la Patria in Mérida, and many other major landmarks across the nation. However, the message is the same, people are angry at that they call, “the almost “communist” policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Through social networks, critics identified themselves with the label #AMLOVeteYa. Many are demanding more support from the government amid the coronavirus pandemic, including basic food baskets for struggling families.

For his part, AMLO says that the protests are being instigated by opposing politicians.

As he often does, AMLO attempted to shift the blame for protesters’ anger from his policies to support by the opposition. Speaking at a military base, the president said he wasn’t surprised that protests had been organized against him, saying they were to be expected because his government is implementing sweeping changes.

The president’s supporters also claimed that the National Anti-AMLO Front is funded by the people who have done the most damage to Mexico, namely – in their opinion – members of past governments and opposition parties.

López Obrador himself accused the National Action Party (PAN), currently the main opposition force, of being behind the protests he has faced this week.

The situation in Mexico, between those in favor of López Obrador’s policies and those against them, is becoming more pronounced every day.

Credit: Bret Gundlock / Getty Images

As is becoming more common across the world, both sides of the argument are being less tolerant of one another – which is a social time bomb. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, Mexico is now a country with fewer jobs, more poverty, more violence, more people infected and killed by COVID-19, but above all, a country with a president who has done little to bridge the divide between opposing ideologies.

You have to look no further for the palpable anger then at the protests, as many people engaged in angry, loud arguments with AMLOvers, as passionate supporters of the president are sometimes called, the latter accusing the former of being elitists, conservatives and people who want corruption to go unchecked in Mexico.

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