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Mexico City’s Announcement About School Uniforms Makes Headlines Around The World

Mexico City continues to make progressive waves as the city announces that students at public schools will be able to choose the uniform they want to wear.

In an announcement, the city’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, said the capital’s school system would do away with the gender-specific uniform.

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“We are announcing something very simple but for us very transcendent. I think the times have passed in which girls have to wear a skirt and boys have to wear pants,” she said. Adding “Boys can wear skirts if they want and girls can wear trousers if they want.”

She added that the measure would create “a condition of equality, of equity”. When Ms. Sheinbaum took office she promised improved rights for women and LGBTQ people.

By midday, #UniformeNeutro (or neutral uniform) was trending in Mexico.

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Translation: One more step towards eliminating gender stereotypes, which start from childhood but last a lifetime!

Mexican Twitter had all sorts of thoughts and feelings about the decision but most people celebrated the freedom of choice.

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Young boys and girls across the capital will now be able to wear the uniform that they choose. This helps empower a whole new generation.

Girls, in particular, celebrated the decision.

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Until now, young girls were required to wear skirts as part of their uniform. This announcement does away with that old-school way of thinking.

Some thought the idea of gender-specific uniforms was stupid from the beginning.

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And that the decision would allow kids to wear what they want while also empowering an often mistreated transgender community.

Not everyone in Mexico was embracing the announcement.

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Some on Twitter said students shouldn’t be given a choice. That they should wear what they’re told to.

Others were a bit more blunt in their homophobia and transphobia and didn’t want to encourage transgender individuals to feel safe to be themselves.

And to those haters, Twitter was ready with some pretty good clap backs.

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Translation: Men with fragile masculinity.

What do you think about the city’s decision to give students the choice of what uniform they want to wear?

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