A Member Of The Lambily Lost In The Manchester Attack Is Being Honored And Mourned By Mariah Carey

The world is still reeling from the attack that left 22 people dead and 119 injured after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Several musicians have been sharing their grief and condolences following the bombing of the Manchester Arena. Mariah Carey recently posted a heartfelt message to a fan who was one of the victims in the attack.

Mariah Carey posted this message to fan and bombing victim Martyn Hett.

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“Devastated to learn that one of the victims in Manchester was part of the #Lambily. RIP Martin Hett. We will cherish your memory forever,” Carey wrote on Instagram. “His family and all the families affected are in my thoughts and prayers. MC ?❤.”

Fans have joined Carey in mourning the loss of Hett.

@mariahcarey / Instagram

Hett was a PR manager who was getting ready to embark on a two-month trip to the U.S., according to Metro.

Other fans were dedicated Carey songs to the late fan.

@mariahcarey / Instagram

Songs like, “Bye Bye” have been quoted in the comments in tribute to Hett and the tragic loss of life.

Those who knew Hett joined the conversation to share their love for their friend.

@mariahcarey / Instagram

RIP to all the victims of this tragic and terrifying attack. Us at mitú send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to all of those impacted during this trying time for so many innocent friends, families, and victims.

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