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Loyal Dog Still Waiting Outside Mexican Mine Where Its Owner Was Killed In Explosion

The bonds we form with our pets are unshakeable and one that is truly special and unique. If anyone needed any proof of a dog’s undying loyalty, they need to look no further than the story of Cuchufleto. The loyal dog continues to make the daily visit to a Mexican coal mine to wait for his deceased owner to come home – a month after he was killed in a collapse that killed six other miners.

Cuchufleto makes the daily walk to look for and wait for his deceased owner.

Nearly three weeks after a tragic accident at a Mexican coal mine that killed seven people, one of the victim’s loyal pets continues to visit the mine every day looking for his late owner. According to a report in Daily Mail, Gonzalo Cruz, had adopted an abandoned dog he called Cuchufleto six months ago and together they would walk the half-mile to the coal mine where he worked.

Cruz’s widow, Sandra Briseño said: “He would leave with my husband at 6:30am. He even went inside with my husband to the mine. He did not care that it was dark. There he was. Sometimes he would go out and wait for him outside.”

But everything changed following the tragic mining accident.

On June 4, the mine suffered a collapse and was flooded, killing seven miners, including Cruz. Briseño told television station 15 Sabinas that on the day of the tragic accident, Cuchufleto knew something wasn’t right since Cruz hadn’t returned home. The dog went to the mine on his own to pick him up, only to me met by dozens of rescue workers who were attempting to rescue the trapped miners. According to Briseño, Cuchufleto stood outside the mine for two days until rescue workers pulled out Cruz’s body.

Since then, the heartbroken dog spends his days lying in front of the door steps waiting for Cruz to come back from his shift at the mine.

Briseño told Milenio, that Cuchufleto still goes to the mine every day. “He still goes and looks for him, maybe he thinks my husband is still there, he turns around and comes back and just lays down with his sad eyes. One day he was crying and moaning so strongly, like when one cries from actual pain. It is the pain that he feels for the absence of my husband.”

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