Here’s Why People In Los Angeles Came Out In Support Of Reuniting Families

Since President Trump implemented his “zero tolerance” policy back in April, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the U.S border. An executive order was signed Wednesday to end family separations at the border yet many questions remain. There are still thousands of separated families with no signs of when many will or ever be reunited. As public backlash has increased, people in Los Angeles hosted a Keep Families Together rally where they spoke up about the Trump administration’s policy and the importance of reuniting families. Here is why they came out to rally on behalf of separated immigrants across the country.

Sofia Aguilar, 18

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“I strongly believe that we shouldn’t have border rules that result in the separation of families,” Aguilar said. “It’s not right and it’s not American, that’s why I brought my mom out here today with me who is an immigrant.”

Leidy Valencia, 31

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“I’m out here today to protest the inhumane things happening to immigrants at our borders,” Valencia said. “I wanna go to the border myself and protest there but this is what I can do today and that’s why I’m here standing proud.”

Alison Brega, 60

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“I want to represent the baby boomers and show that we are a nation of immigrants,” Brega said. “Diversity is important and is a fabric of our story, that’s why we need to bring awareness to this issue.”

Jessica Nevarez, 26

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“I think that the injustice that is happening in our country right now is atrocious and unconscionable,” Nevarez said. “The fact that Donald Trump signed that executive order does nothing to protect families and still keeps thousands of people away from each other. No human being is illegal and we, as a country, need to abolish these policies.”

Alice Whetherland, 37

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“I’m out here today because this issue is too important to wait for someone else to start a movement. We need to be out here in these streets and make our voices heard for all these families that don’t have a voice right now.” Whetherland said.

Emily Prado, 27

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“I think what we’re doing at the border is horrendous and it’s been a problem that I can’t ignore,” Prado said. “This latest policy is cruel and goes against what this country stands for and we need to speak up against this policy in any way we can.”

Hector Gomez, 49

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“I’m angry for so many reasons right now. I don’t recognize this country right now and I feel so much emotion today,” Gomez said. “Donald Trump doesn’t know what the hell he is doing and the damage he has done to the country that I love so much. We need to speak up and make our voices heard or else this country that we love will never be the same.”

Blair Imani, 24

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“I’m from Los Angeles and I just got back from Kenya. I saw what was happening in the news and as an activist I felt really compelled to organize this protest today.” Imani said. “There is no such thing as an illegal human being and America right now is in a moral crisis. We have been perpetuating human right atrocities since we were founded but enough is enough.”

Matt Brega, 62

CREDIT: Javier Rojas/ mitú

“I think its obscene what our government is doing. The people that are crossing the border just want a better life and are just trying to escape violence,” Brega said. “They are being greeted with separation of their families and even more turmoil. It’s horrific that we don’t even know where many of these children are and we need answers more than ever.”

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