They Were Told If They Worked Hard, They Would Earn Money With Herbalife

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Herbalife goes under the microscope in the documentary “Betting On Zero.”

Herbalife, which some have described as a pyramid scheme, or worse —  it’s officially called “multilevel marketing” — attracts hundreds of thousands of members each year. While it might seem like just any other annoying product your tía tries to sell you every time you talk to her on the phone, the company has a stormy, and well-known history with its Latino clients. Herbalife has been charged with targeting and exploiting Latinos with unlawfully deceptive practices (Latinos make up 80 percent of the company’s sales). Herbalife responded by promising to “provide meaningful opportunities” for Latinos. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” highlighted the pride with which former CEO of Herbalife Michael Johnson described the company’s Latino clients: “The Latino — the blood if you will — it’s in this company and it feels great.”

“Betting on Zero” shines a light on the “great” relationship many Latinos have with Herbalife.

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In the short trailer for “Betting On Zero,” several men, speaking in Spanish, discuss the huge sums of money they lost to the company, which says it helps “people achieve healthy, active lives.” Several people shed tears of frustration at those who took advantage of them while trying to make money using Herbalife.

“Betting On Zero,” which has a 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is now available for digital download.

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Tell your friend about it. Tell a few friends about it. It’s not a pyramid scheme to spread awareness.

Or check the entire episode of “Last Week Tonight” for free, which discussed Herbalife and its “great” relationship with Latinos.

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Definitely worth a watch.

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