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Police Source Says Dramatic Bronx Kidnapping Of Teen Was Staged

New York Police Department has located missing teen Karol Sanchez. The 16-year-old girl was walking in the Bronx with her mother Monday night when she was kidnapped and thrown into a car. Surveillance video shows Sanchez’s mother desperately fighting back trying to save her daughter. The video ends with the mother being thrown to the ground before getting up and chasing the car. On Tuesday afternoon, the teenager was found safe and returned to her family. However, sources talking with police now say the entire thing was staged.

New York Police Department has found missing teenager Karol Sanchez after she was abducted by four men. However, it is being reported that she knew one of the “kidnappers.”

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The teenager’s abduction shocked the Honduran community. The kidnappers had no fear of taking the child as she was walking with her mother. The grainy surveillance video has shocked the Bronx residents.

People are praising the police department in locating the missing girl.

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The rare victory is a departure from the usual result of girls of color being kidnapped in the Bronx.

At around 11:20 p.m. on Monday night, 16-year-old Karol Sanchez was abducted in the Bronx by four men. The teenager was walking with her mother when a car stopped on the road and two men rushed out of the car and forced her inside. Her mother frantically tried to stop the men from abducting her daughter but they managed to throw her out of the car and speed away with Karol Sanchez. Now, authorities are searching for the men responsible but some New Yorkers blame NYPD’s slow response for making the abduction worse.

Karol Sanchez was walking in the Bronx neighborhood in New York City when a group of men kidnapped her.

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The kidnapping occurred on Eagle Avenue near East 156th Street in the Melrose section of the Bronx. According to The New York Times, the kidnapping has sent shockwaves through the Sanchez family and the tightknit Honduran community. While it is unclear who abducted the teen and why, her family and friends are desperate for her safe return.

Family friend Destiny David posted to Instagram asking for anyone with any information to help find Sanchez alive.

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“We all know each other,” David told The New York Times. “We don’t know why they took her. We just want her to be found soon.”

There has been a rash of abductions of girls of color in the Bronx that has sparked concern about trafficking in the neighborhood. Over the last two years, more than two dozen girls of color have gone missing in the Bronx stoking fears of forced prostitution.

Surveillance footage released by NYPD showed the terrifying moment that Sanchez was taken in front of her mother.

In the video, Sanchez’s mother is seen trying to stop the men from taking her daughter. At one point, Sanchez’s mother gets into the car to fight off the abductors. During the tussle, one man manages to get the mother out of the car and throws her to the ground before the car speeds away. The mother then chases after the car in a heartbreaking end to a horrifying video.

The brazen abduction in front of Sanchez’s mother is a scary reality for so many people.

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For years, we have been told not to walk alone late at night for fear of being abducted. It is something Latino parents have instilled in us to keep us safe. The video of two men forcing a teenager into their car while her mother fights them is challenging the sense of safety that people feel when they walk in pairs with friends.

The knowledge that kidnappers are no longer concerned with people being around it instilling fear in a community.

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The grainy video shows how quickly a family’s life can change. One minute, a mother and daughter are walking home together when a group of men decides to take a human being.

A lot of people are calling out NYPD’s decision to initiate an Amber Alert 12 hours after her abduction.

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New Yorkers were sent Amber Alerts about Sanchez’s abduction hours after it happened. It is a reality for communities of color to be ignored by law enforcement when people go missing or other crimes are committed.

Some people even called out the inconsistency in the Amber Alerts.

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The Amber Alert for Sanchez was lacking in any information other than the neighborhood in which the abduction occurred. The lack of information is being seen as a disregard for the safe return of Sanchez to her family.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Karol Sanchez, contact local law enforcement.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time.

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