People Were In Tears Over ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Airing A Puerto Rico Special

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” has gone on the road several times since Jimmy Fallon took over the hosting role in 2014. This year, he decided to travel to “the Island of Enchantment” when he heard Lin-Manuel Miranda was reprising his role as Hamilton to benefit a performing arts organization in Puerto Rico.

Fallon’s Tuesday night show served a dual purpose of raising awareness for much-needed tourism to help the island’s economy, as well as an opportunity to donate funds to local small businesses on the island.

In the first scenes of the taped show, Fallon sang “The Story of Tonight” from Hamilton in full costume while walking along the streets of Puerto Rico with Bad Bunny.

Appearing in his chill uniform yellow hoodie, Bad Bunny sang “MIA” with a full-on band and accompanying dancers as Fallon and The Roots’ Questlove and Black Thought joined in on the percussion. BTW, take a look at Questlove’s Immigrant shirt. ???? ????

The lively performance wrapped up with “Ole, Ole, Ole” and some Puerto Ricans got choked up at how the performance encompassed the spirit of their beloved island.

How many Puerto Ricans out there felt ewmotional watching this performance?

Some loyal “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” fans wanted the ensemble to rock “MIA” with school instruments, but hey, still a good rendition!

After the first commercial break, Fallon sat down for an intimate interview with Miranda on topics ranging from what was his most vivid memory after Hurricane Maria, to why he brought the show to Puerto Rico, and what it was like to work with former President Barack Obama.

The Hamilton creator said the silence coming from the island is what he remembered most following the aftermath Hurricane Maria.

Since then, his father Luis has been working tirelessly to bring Miranda’s award-winning show to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief efforts.

Miranda told Fallon all proceeds from his Hamilton performance at the Bellas Artes theater will benefit performers of the Flamboyan Arts Fund.

Miranda noted artists and performers are seen as an afterthought in hurricane relief efforts, but need donations to help them perform and study the craft they love.

Of course, Fallon needed to show his audience a beautiful bird’s eye view of Puerto Rico.

The talk show host took a Go-Pro and did some face first zip lining showing off the natural beauty in Puerto Rico.

Fallon even spoke with world-renowned chef José Andrés on the serene beaches of Piñones.

Chef Andrés spoke with Fallon about his own relief efforts to help on the island, including writing a book about his efforts titled “We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time.”

Fallon also revealed he donated $250,000 to an organization helping small businesses on the island.

Fallon asked for some help from Jose Feliciano and Ozuna to wrap up his visit. Both performers sat next to each other in an outdoor plaza with LED candles glittering in the night.

Talk about a coming together of Puerto Rican musical greats.

Twitter users got emotional once the two of them started singing the official love letter to the island, “En Mi Viejo San Juan.”

The song has a long history in Puerto Rican music and for good reason. The song captures and celebrates the emotions The Puerto Rican people feel for their homeland.

Viewers were in tears watching these two perform one of the greatest songs about Puerto Rico.

Maybe now people will forget about his tossling President Trump’s hair during the campaign?

Some people even credit Fallon for bringing them home.

As he signed off, Fallon kept the emotional night going by saying “Gracias Puerto Rico, de todo corazon.” Thank you for making your own love letter to Puerto Rico, Fallon.

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