Jessie Reyez Kills It On Seth Meyers With ‘Gatekeeper,’ A Song About Her Experience With A Misogynistic Producer

Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers/ YouTube

“20 million dollars in a car, girl tie your hair up if you want to be a star…”

Singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez once encountered a music producer that promised to bring her to the next level, if only she would accept his sexual advances. She fought back, said no, and later wrote the song “Gatekeeper” about the experience. In an interview with Hard Knock TV, she said the experience made her question whether or not she really had what it took to be in the music business. As a testament to sticking to your guns, this week, she performed that very song about that very encounter on national television for the first time on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Take that, gatekeeper.

Back in May, Reyez posted a documentary to her YouTube page about the encounter.

Credit: Jessie Reyez/ YouTube

Entitled “Gatekeeper: A True Story,” Reyez recounts what went down on that fateful night and how close she came to giving in for her dream.

In addition to singing the emotionally charged song, Reyez fought through being sick to perform on the late night show.

The singer wrote on Twitter that she was “a liddo sick.” Then decided in the same thought, “but fuck it let’s get it.” That’s the spirit! No gatekeeper or flu is going to keep her down.

She had enough energy to follow that song with her Billboard-charting first single, “Figures.”

Credit: Late Night with Seth Meyers/ YouTube

With her unique sound and those sharp lyrics, this kid is going places. And we’re down for the ride.

Keep your eyes peeled for her.

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