A Guide To Help You Explain Football To Your Abuelita in Audio Clips

So your abuela has been asking too many questions every time you try to watch football at her place. And yes, we all want to help her understand but it ain’t an easy task. Even worse when she is interrupting you every two seconds while you are trying to stay focused on the action.

Relax, we have your back. We partnered with the legends Luis and Jaime Moreno of the Carolina Panthers Spanish Radio Network to help your abuela, mamá, tía and even novia learn all they need to know about football.

Click on the images to listen to Jaime and Luis explain all they know about football in terms your abuela will definitely understand.

Photo: Luis F. Moreno on Twitter

No more: “Where is el portero?” From now on, your abuela will be able to understand the game and get as excited as you do when someone reaches the end zone.

So sit back, listen and bring your abuela, for her 101 on American Football.

The basics

First things first. A football game consists of four 15 minute quarters, which total 60 minutes. In every quarter, each team’s ultimate goal is to score as many touchdowns as possible.

There are 53 players on each team. They have two different line ups, the defense and the offense. This means they are either driving or defending and for each they need different players on the field.

Photo: AP Images

Now, in football, it’s all about the yards. The offense has 4 chances to advance 10 yards and the defense has to stop them. If they advance 10 yards or more, they will have another 4 chances to move forward and this goes on until they make it to the end zone. This is called a touchdown.

Photo: NFL on Twitter

To know if they have advanced the 10 yards, we see a yellow line on the field on the TV broadcast.

Photo: NFL on Twitter


Abuela says that she likes soccer because each ‘gol’ is one point and that is easy to understand. She has no idea why on football there are so many different ways of scoring and why each is worth a different amount of points.

So abuela, each team is trying to score a touchdown, which is worth 6 points and it’s when everyone gets excited and celebrates. But, if for some reason they didn’t make it all the way to the end zone, they can kick the ball and score 3 points. This is called a field goal. This is how Luis and Jaime explain it:

Photo: NFL on Twitter

And when abuela’s head is spinning because there is another kick but it’s only worth one point, this is how you explain the difference between a field goal and an extra point:

Photo: AP Images

The technical stuff

Now, if abuela is really confused about all the referees and why it seems that there are more officials than players, this will help her understand:

Photo: NFL Football Operations on Twitter

If abuela keeps asking about those yellow flags flying on the field, Luis and Jaime have a hysterical way to explain them:

Photo: AP Images

And now you think you have it all down but then you see a red flag flying on the field and abuela is confused again. Don’t worry, we are prepared for this question:

Photo: NFL on Twitter

So now your abuelita must be able to understand the game. There is much more to it but this is a good first lesson. Once you get her to understand the basics, she will be hooked and then you can go into deeper details like the two point conversions and the short kicks.

If your abuela is now ready to pick a team, Luis and Jaime recommend the Panthers of course and maybe your abuela will agree with them:

Photo: NFL on Twitter

Once she picks a team, whichever she chooses or whichever you make her choose, you need to teach her how to celebrate.

Photo: AP Images

And one last thing abuela. It’s not make-up on their faces, it’s called ‘la sombra’.

Photo: NFL

If you also became a fan of Luis and Jaime, be sure to follow them on Twitter and catch their live broadcast whenever the Carolina Panthers are playing!


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