How A Busy Latina Rekindles Her Love For The Classic Big Mac™

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Meet my work face. People see it when I get to the doorway of my office.

What they don’t see is my face before that. You know, all the times I check my bag because I think I left something in my car, or I’m struggling because I haven’t had my coffee yet.

I see a co-worker. “Haaaaaaay girl! Yeah, the weekend was lit!”

[Low key] I did laundry, tried to get my 1-year-old to eat mashed veggies, slept 3ish – almost 4 hours – and took way too many pictures of my son with cute filters on his face. He loves it. I promise. I love being a busy working mom, but sometimes I am so busy that I find myself missing things from before. It’s been awhile since I was able to just kick back, relax, and catch up on my favorite shows while enjoying my favorite meal. Like a Big Mac. Those were the good ol’ days…swinging by McDonald’s for a Big Mac on my way home…


Okay, okay, okay. Enough reminiscing! Time to work. Check the emails. All 47 unread messages (#blessed – could’ve been worse). Oh…did you happen to see my mug? That’s right. “Best Mom Ever!” …I bought it for myself. Hahaha jk jk. It was a gift from my husband, and I sip coffee from it with pride.

So…I’m hungry, but I’m trying not to show that during this 11am meeting. Am I the only one this happens to? I can’t wait to sit down and eat my…


OH NO! No no no…I completely forgot to bring my lunch.

This is a mom-life moment. As a mom you’re always doing this and that for your family. Sometimes, you do so much for your family forget about yourself. Then you have to face all the things you have to do at work, so sometimes that means you just forget your lunch at home. It happens!

Fortunately, the best possible thing happened. My husband gave me a call to see how my day was going, and I told him I forgot my lunch at home. Because he’s the best, he offered to drop off McDonald’s at the office for me. He totally gets hubby points.


He asked me which size Big Mac I wanted because right now they have the Grand Big Mac, Mac Jr., and of course the classic Big Mac. I was starving, so I knew I had to choose my go-to: the Big Mac. Just thinking about how much I loved them brought up so many good memories. Stopping by McDonald’s after a concert, or when staying up late to study in college… I knew I had to have one again.


So, I told him I’d go for the classic Big Mac! Juggling motherhood and my career works up an appetite. I knew the Big Mac would be the right choice for me.


He even added a sweet little note in the bag when he dropped it off. “You forgot your lunch, but we didn’t forget you.” Ah, soooo cute.

Once I bit into that Big Mac and tasted that Special Sauce, I knew I’d made the right decision. It was like a light going off in my head; the answer had been there, but I just needed that phone call from my husband to help me realize I knew what I wanted for lunch all along…

The classic, one-of-a-kind Big Mac.

Listen. It’s easy to forget how much you love something when your life is insanely busy. I have my job, my marriage, and my son. All of those things are amazing, but they leave little time for anything else.

I love being a mom – it’s helped me realize life is all about the little moments. Having time to just enjoy a Big Mac after a hectic morning was perfect. Now, that I know what I’ve been missing, I know I have to try the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. before they are gone.

And, let’s be real: I think I’ll probably forget my lunch a few more times this month. (Wink, wink).

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