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LA Dance Group High Off Energee Is Using Hits Like ‘La Chona’ To Promote Unity And Community

Apart from food, there are few things that can bring people together like music and dance. One Los Angeles-based dance group is counting on that community-building ability of music to help heal and unite two very important LA communities.

High Off Energee dance group is committed to spreading joy and promoting unity through dance.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the very challenging times we find ourselves in (from the ongoing pandemic to police brutality and racial injustice), the LA-based dance group High Off Energee is working to bring joy and unity through a fusion of cultures. The group gives popup performances around the LA region and is quickly becoming well-known for their, well, high energy.

The group’s dance moves are impressive and their energy is highly contagious. But it’s their ability to unite people that is truly making an impression on people around Southern California. The group is committed to raising awareness for social issues through their art.

“We’re all for love and unity. We just want everybody to just come together and let everybody know that it’s gonna be okay through laughter. Laughter is the best medicine.”

The group’s videos rack up millions of views.

One of the group’s most viral videos is them getting their merengue on in Downtown LA’s Santee Alley, when others jumped in to join them for the classic “La Vaca.”

“When people watch that video and they see me and my friend Dre dancing at first, and then you see my little compa my little tío come in, I’m like, wow,” Tiaunt Lewis, a dance group member, told ABC7 News. “When that happened, I just got chills. I got so happy.”

“We dance a lot of Spanish music because that’s what a lot of people like. And then we bring the cultures together and stuff like that,” Ray Dobson, another member of the group, told ABC7 News.

The group is committed to bringing people joy but also to making a difference.

Many in the group actually met in high school and started dancing long before they went viral on TikTok. But it was at the height of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests last summer that helped put into focus their plan as a dance group.

When speaking to LA Taco, the three friends described how SoCal’s Latino community were largely standing by them in solidarity against police brutality and racism. And High Off Energee decided it needed to return that same level of energy and support to their Latino neighbors.

“We felt like we had to tap into our Latino community because we realized that they were having problems as well,” Tiant Lewis, better known as Chocolate Uno on Instagram, told LA Taco. “Both issues are important, and we wanted to let them know we are also here for them, so we decided to attend the La Raza protest for the kids in cages.”

The group also made their presence and support known at a community protest for Andres Guardado, the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by police last summer. They’ve also come out to support street vendors across Los Angeles, who have become frequent victims of racist and violent attacks.

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s beautiful to see communities supporting one another and having fun while doing it. You can find High Off Energee giving their best performances at various locations across Los Angeles. Follow them on social media for more info.

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