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A ‘Hero Hotel Maid’ Helped Prevent An Alleged Las Vegas-Style Massacre At This Week’s All-Star Game

Just days before the MLB All-Star Game is taking place in Denver, Colorado, a hotel housekeeper is being hailed as a hero for notifying police of more than a dozen weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a nearby hotel room.

Although police haven’t identified what the weapons were going to be used for, many have pointed out the potential for a Las Vegas-style massacre on the streets of Denver. However, the FBI is clarifying that there is no reason to believe the weapons were part of a plot to target the All Star game.

Denver housekeeper found dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in hotel room just blocks away from Coors Field.

Following a tip from a hotel housekeeper, police confiscated more than a dozen weapons and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from a hotel near Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, the site of Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The weapons included 16 long guns, body armor, and ammo from the room. Three men and a woman were arrested and charged with weapons possessions. Three of the suspects were previous offenders, and three were also charged with intent to distribute drugs, the report said.

The housekeeper’s tip may have averted a potential mass shooting on the order of the Las Vegas massacre at a country music festival in 2017. A total of 61 people died in that incident when a gunman opened fire with high-powered weapons from a nearby hotel room.

“The investigation and arrests were the result of a tip from the public, serving as an excellent example of the critical role the community plays in public safety,” police said in a statement Saturday night.

The housekeeper at the hotel called police after finding the weapons cache, according to ABC7 Denver. The Maven Hotel, the scene of the incident, is located just two blocks from the stadium where the game is to be held on Tuesday. It has a balcony overlooking the downtown area.

The FBI says there is no evidence the weapons were part of a plot to target the 2021 All Star Game.

The FBI’s Denver office said it didn’t think the incident was terror-related.”We are not aware of any threat to the All-Star Game events, venues, players, or the community at this time,” officials said.

Police have released details on those arrested. The individuals were identified as Richard Platt, 42; Gabriel Rodriguez, 48; Ricardo Rodriguez, 44; and Kanoelehua Serikawa, 43.

Ricardo Rodriguez was charged with possession of a weapon by a previous offender. He told CNN affiliate KCNC that he never heard of any plans of shooting at the All-Star Game and that he “would have intervened, absolutely” if he had heard anything like that.

“There’s no way I would ever allow anybody that I knew of to shoot actively into a crowd with women and children and families, there’s no way, there’s no way whatsoever. Never,” Ricardo Rodriguez said in a jailhouse interview.

The Las Vegas Massacre left hundreds injured and more than 50 dead.

It was in 2017 during the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival, that a shooter opened fire on the crowds from the window of his Las Vegas hotel room. In all, the shooter fired more than 1,000 rounds of ammuntition from his 32nd floor suite in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, leaving 60 people dead and 411 people wounded – with the ensuing panic bringing the injury total to 867.

When police finally entered the hotel room of the shooter, he was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and his motives remain unknown to this day. The massacre remains as the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in modern U.S. history.

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