Former News Anchor Karla Amezola Is Now An Uber Driver After Reporting Her Estrella TV Boss For Sexual Harassment

Last year, Estrella TV news anchor Karla Amezola filed a lawsuit claiming that her boss, Andrés Angulo, was sexually harassing her for years. The lawsuit prompted Estrella TV to conduct an internal investigation which resulted in both Amezola and Angulo being dropped from the network despite several other women coming forward claiming the same kind of treatment from Angulo at both Estrella TV and Univision. Not to mention, Amezola had secret recordings of Angulo making inappropriate remarks to her while he was her boss.

Now, one year after the accusations, lawsuits, and terminations at Estrella TV, Amezola is a Lyft and Uber driver in Los Angeles, reports Variety. Being a national news anchor for a Spanish-speaking news network in Los Angeles makes it hard to disappear into the public and it is something that Amezola has been navigating. Amezola told Variety that every now and then someone gets into the car and instantly recognizes her as the woman who exposed sexual harassment in the Spanish-speaking news world. Her actions have prompted some of her riders to share their stories with her. She is keeping tabs on these stories and has gathered the contact information of these riders because a journalist will always be a journalist.

“I’m a woman. I’m a journalist. I will be a journalist for the rest of my life,” Amezola told Variety. “Sometimes we have to do another thing. But there’s no shame. I feel strong. I feel like, people come here to work. I can do that. Why is it going to be different for me? But at the end, I will be working at what I like to do, which is journalism.”

Sounds like the Emmy nominated news anchor has something in the works.

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