Here Are 20 Latinxs Fighting For Environmental Justice

A 2015 Yale study found that Latino-Americans are much more engaged with the issue of global warming that non-Latinos. We know that global warming is happening, that it’s caused by humans and that we can take action to prevent it.

It’s no wonder given that Latinos are also vulnerable to air pollution and natural disasters because of where we live and work. Just look at Puerto Rico. Here are the Latinxs leading the fight for environmental justice and ways that we can help in our everyday lives.

1. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez | Youth Director, Earth Guardians

Untitled. Digital Image. Earth Guardians. 11 April 2018.

In April 2016, then 16-year old indigenous hip-hop artist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez filed a lawsuit against the federal government for violating their constitutional right to life, liberty and property by the government’s reckless actions that contribute to global climate change.

His advice via the Huffington Post: ” We need to inspire people to take to the streets and the voting booth to appeal to the local and national court systems to demand change from our political leaders we can vote in or out of office.”

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