He Is A Student At Columbia University But The White House’s Announcement On DACA Could Take It All Way From Him

A former intern for Republican Senator Marco Rubio is facing an uncertain future because of his DACA status.

Santiago Tobar Potes was only four years old when his parents brought him to the U.S. from Colombia in 2002.  His family fled Colombia after the rebel group known as Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) had violently terrorized the region and murdered his grandparents. Out of fear for their lives and the life of their child, the family fled to the U.S. and have remained in the country since. Now, the DACA recipient admits that he is terrified because he doesn’t know what will happen to his life. In an op-ed written for FOX News, the Columbia University sophomore calls the decision to end DACA torture for the almost 800,000 people currently on DACA. The futures many had worked to create are now in limbo, according to Potes.

“This is torture for all 800,000 of us – a giant question mark hanging over our heads,” Potes wrote. “Almost all of us have jobs or are in school. We have friends, relatives, partners and many ties to our communities. And we love America. We desperately want to stay. But it’s not just we Dreamers who would be hurt by the end of DACA. America would suffer.”

During his interview with CNN Newsroom, Potes talks about the historical context surrounding the constitutional argument against DACA. Potes points to internment camps used to hold Japanese-Americans during World War II as being constitutionally defended.

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