WATCH: This Cancer Patient Battles Through Cancer While Singing And Dancing To ‘Havana’

After becoming the longest running song in the top pop charts by a female artist since 2013, “Havana” has brought Camila Cabello a tremendous amount of success. Not to mention that it has kept her fans happy and uplifted – even through some of their worst circumstances.

This has been the case for 6-year-old Cabello fan, Darcy, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Due to the effects of chemotherapy, Darcy has not had the strength to walk, until recently. Her aunt Vane celebrated this moment by posting a video on Twitter of Darcy not only walking again, but singing and dancing to “Havana” as well.

Here’s the video below:

In this video you see Darcy going through the different stages of her cancer. The first part is a video clip of Darcy prior to being diagnosed with cancer. In the second part of the video you see Darcy going through the process of chemotherapy, during which she’s unable to walk due to the effects of the treatment. Lastly, towards the end of the video you see Darcy at her current stage of battling through cancer. Although she has lost her hair at this point, she is able to walk again, which makes her aunt Vane very happy.

Although there are different stages of Darcy being shown in this video, one thing that never changes is her spirit and love for “Havana.”

Moments after the video was published on Twitter, Cabello responded directly to Darcy and her aunt Vane.

Can’t wait for this meet-up to happen. Darcy definitely deserves it. ?

In addition to Cabello, hundreds of other people across Twitter responded with heartwarming messages.

This person was able to relate to the difficulty of the process Darcy is going through.

Another person opened up about her little sister who is also fighting leukemia.

Overall, Darcy was showered with love and support from so many people across the internet.

After seeing some of the Internet responses herself, Darcy was filled with so much more joy.

Stay strong, keep fighting, and most importantly, keep singing and dancing Darcy. ❤️ You’re an inspiration to us and so many more.

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