Remember Halloween Is About Candy But It’s Also About Trying To Scare The Crap Out Of People

What’s the first word in Trick-or-Treat? Obviously, it’s “trick.” So let’s make sure we’re not forgetting to spook, scare, trick, fool and embarrass folks (safely, of course) on this holiday. You don’t even need shaving cream, rotten eggs or toilet paper in order to do a good prank, just some ingenuity, and a little bit of evil. Muahahahahahaha!

This museum in Washington D.C. doesn’t even wait for Halloween. It freaks people out every day with this high tech scare.

This weather reporter used some good ol’ green screen to do the job.

This one is truly diabolical and even takes time to get right.

At least this person wrapped the brussel sprouts in chocolate.

I wish they would because the riots that would happen outside the house of whoever was handing this candy out would be legendary.


Be careful when scaring unwitting participants, you may end up the one tricked.

When you Michael Myers, but you lit, too. Peep that Milly Rock at the end tho.

You know Ellen’s been out here doing the good work for days now.

Beware, the only thing scarier than being spooked by your coworkers is getting fired by your boss.

However you trick-or-treat, stay safe out there folks!

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